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1300apprentice Awards

The 2012 1300apprentice award nominations were received by all with great enthusiasm, congratulations to all nominees.

Once again, the opportunity to acknowledge the passion, progress and achievement that all nominees accomplished during their apprentice or traineeship has been outstanding.

On behalf of everyone at 1300apprentice, we would like to thank the team at Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre for their generous donation to our awards.

We would also like to thank our 3 fabulous judges, Gary Guy, Sue-Anne Brady and Kristie O’Brien who gave up hours of their valuable time to come up with the final decision.

Overall 2012 Apprentice of the Year and Apprentice Of The Year Metals Industry  

Namatjira Skuthorpe 

 Namatjira began his Fitting/Maching apprenticeship as a mature age apprentice hosted with Breseight Engineering in 2009.

He completed his Certificate III in an advanced class and commenced a Diploma of Engineering during this time. Breseight enrolled Namatjira in a CADCAM course to learn how to program CNC Machines, something usually reserved for long standing tradesman with years of experience.

Currently he is continuing with his Diploma. “Namatjira is extremely reliable and a very passionate family man. He is an integral part of our organisation and we have big plans for Namatjira in the future”. Tracy Rix, Director and Workshop Supervisor Breseight Australia Pty Ltd

2012 Trainee of the Year

Taneka Lewis               

Taneka commenced her Business CIV traineeship in 2011 at RSM Bird Cameron – a national accounting firm. Taneka provided administration support across wide and varied areas showing capabilities beyond the scope of the traineeship. Taneka feels that learning “on-the-job” with the assistance of supervisors to guide you through your traineeship is a great way to acquire many valuable life skills that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Tankea was offered a full time position which she has accepted and intends to increase her qualifications through further study.


2012 Apprentice of the Year – Building & Construction  

Andrew McMillan 

Andrew commenced his Cabinetmaking (Furniture) apprenticeship in 2009 with host employer Farquhar Pty Ltd based in Bowral specialising in restoring antique furniture and bespoke cabinetmaking.

When Andrew completed his RTO projects he recieved very high praise from his FIAA trainer.

Andrew has now started his own business subcontracting to Mr Farquhar with the aim of owning a workshop of his own in the future. Whilst sub contracting to Mr Farquhar and renting workshop space from him Andrew feels that he will be able to take on the more complex challenges that are ahead having his mentor on hand “I am very proud of him and wish him all the best success for the future.” Andrew Farquar, Owner Farquar Pty Ltd.

2012 Apprentice of the Year – Horticulture  

Adam Cooper

 Adam commenced his Parks & Gardens apprenticeship in 2009 as a mature age apprentice with Holroyd City Council.

Adam was always willing to take on any extra training the Council offered or be a team member of the councils “Streetscapes” program. Adam took a great deal of pride that he was involved in the maintenance of a top ten listed oval in the state as well as being very involved in bush regeneration projects.

On completion of his apprenticeship due to family commitments Adam relocated to the Gold Coast where he is employed by the leading Native Nursery in Queensland. “Adam was a highly valuable asset to the team, with the ability to produce a great future in his role and we were very disappointed to see him leave . . . . We wish him all the best of luck” Team Leader from Holroyd City Council.

2012 Apprentice of the year – Other – Airconditioning and Refrigeration 

 Martin De La Mare

 Martin began his Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic apprenticeship at Alliance Refrigeration Pty Ltd in 2008. Martin’s work ethic, attitude and skills on the job made him the sought after apprentice by the tradesmen as well as consistantly being at the top of his TAFE class. Martin was able to undertake tasks outside the scope of his apprenticeship such as Bar Plumbing and showed enough competencies to carry out after hours service.

Since completing his apprenticeship Martin enrolled in a Diploma in Engineering and now works full time with Alliance Refrigeration within the Sales Engineering Department who look forward to his long term employment.

3rd Year Apprentice High Achiever – Metals Industry 2012

Micheal Downs

 Micheal commenced his Engineering Fabrication Trade apprenticeship in 2010 with host employer Dunsteel Engineering Pty Ltd. During this time he has shown tremendous growth and maturity and Micheal has taken on his training with great enthusiasm.

As a 3rd year Micheal is working in a team environment requiring him to allocate tasks, organise production, oversee quality control and meet deadlines.

On completing his apprenticeship Micheal looks to continue building his skills by obtaining his welding pressure tickets and one day become a Leading Hand. “It is without any doubt that Micheal is foreman material, and this is a testimony to his dedication (rather than Dunsteel’s efforts), that his training has progressed to such a degree that he is capable of this.” Jonathon Dunlop, Director Dunsteel Engineering Pty Ltd

2nd Year Apprentice High Achiever – Horticulture 2012  

Jesse Novotny

 Jesse commenced his Parks & Gardens apprenticeship in 2011 with host employer Eden Gardens & Garden Centres Pty Ltd.

It was while undertaking work experience as a Youth Off the Street member that he realised he wanted to work in horticulture and after completing a CII he progressed into an apprenticeship. Supervisors are proud to see the development he has made and how academic work supports the practical Jesse shows an eye for detail, particularly when the task is demanding such as maintenance of the topiary areas.

Jesse is happy to deal with customers, lead tour groups of visitors including disabled students and volunteer for charity events held at the gardens. “Jesse works very well in a team, and is currently helping to train up our second apprentice, demonstrating the same high standards he has been shown and approaches the job as a professional gardener.” Horticultural Programmes Manager Eden Gardens 

2nd Year Apprentice High Commendation – Building & Construction 2012

Mark Moore 

Mark commenced his Carpentry apprenticeship in 2011 as a mature age apprentice with host employer AB Thompson. Although Mark had not worked in the building industry he had always been inspired by what could be created through building.

His passion for creating was immediately noted by his host employer and he is enjoying learning how to craft fine furniture to building additions such as pergolas or building and installing kitchen cupboards.

Mark has the ability to read and understand plans, then mark and set out work projects is of such a high standard it matches that of most qualified tradespeople. “Mark is the best apprentice I have ever had the pleasure to train, teach and share my building knowledge with.” Alan Thomson, Owner AB Thomson  

2012 School Based Trainee of the Year

Olivia Cummins-Carney

 Olivia began her Australian School-Based traineeship in 2011 and will graduate with a Business Services Certificate II and Certificate III whilst studying for her HSC at Hawker College. Olivia immediately showed the maturity that is required to deal with internal and external communications, discipline for absolute privacy whilst being a valuable member.

Olivia has a passion for sport (especially swimming) and is certain that the skills she has acquired during her traineeship will help her towards her goal of becoming a Sports Event Manager and Personal Trainer.

2012 – Trainee of the year – High Commendation

Ketahlalea Williams  

 Ketahlalea commenced her Business CIII traineeship in 2001 at IOOF Holdings Ltd, whilst gaining development and personal skills she gained confidence in her own abilities. Ketahlalea quickly demonstrated that she was reliable, capable of completing tasks with minimal instruction or supervision in both a timely and accurate manner.

Ketahlalea felt that having her 1300apprentice field officer for guidance and IOOF supervisors to help develop her business skills have made her traineeship very worthwhile. On completion Ketahlalea accepted a full-time position with IOOF with plans for further study in both the financial and human resources.

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      • Don't apply for multiple jobs in multiple vocations.  The employer will  be unsure about where your real desire lies and may not even contact you.
      • Use professional email addresses.  Modern and trendy ones that are inappropriate do not sit well with employers.
      • Always maintain eye contact in the interview.  This shows the employer that you are interested and confident in what they have to say.
      • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview.  Research the location, do a test run if you have to.  Getting there 15 minutes early is always better than 5 minutes late.
      • Make sure your referees speak highly of you.  There is nothing worse than a bad reference from a recent employer.
      • Have your resume proof read before sending it to an employer.  Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will not help your cause.
      • Dress well at all times.  Poor presentation gives the employer the impression that your work performance may also be poor.
      • Remember the interview starts before you walk in the door!  Be prepared to be on show the minute you apply for the job.
      • Make sure in your interview that you have good reasons for wanting the job.  Being vague or sketchy is not what employers want to hear.
      • If you are applying for a job, make sure you have voicemail on your phone.  If an employer cannot contact you, then you may miss out!
      • Don't be late for an interview. An employer may think you will be late for work if you can't get to an interview on time!
      • Is your resume up to date?
      • Spelling and grammatical errors on your resume will lead to an instant rejection by the employer!
      • Don't forget to proof read your resume!
      • One word or two word answers in an interview won't get you across the line.
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