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Safety Alerts


Safety Alert – Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents   ZH Alert No: STE 000  Date of Issue: 01/06/2012   1300apprentice has had five workers involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents in the month of May. One worker was injured with broken collarbone and has had several weeks off work.   For NSW the l... Read More

Safety Alert – Eye Irritation

LTI - Eye Irritation   ZH Alert No: STE 186  Date of Issue: 19/3/2012   What Happened:   Our refrigeration apprentice was working on top of a commercial refrigeration unit when he disturbed the accumulated dust and some of it went into his eye causing irritati... Read More

Safety Alert – Crush Injury

MTI - Crush Injury   ZH Alert No: WTE 46  Date of Issue: 25/01/2012   WHAT HAPPENED:   Our employee was cutting 8 meter length of purlins down to a required size. He was attempting to drag 4 x 8 meter lengths of purlin down from the racking to the rollers in order ... Read More

Safety Alert – LTI – Laceration

  LTI - Laceration   ZH Alert No: STE170  Date of Issue: 20/01/2012   WHAT HAPPENED:   An employee suffered a serious laceration injury whilst using a five inch angle grinder to grind the hand rail that was previously welded. The employee had his index fin... Read More

Safety Alert – LTI – Eye Trauma

LTI – Eye Trauma   ZH Alert No: STE148 revised. Date of Issue: 26/09/2011   What Happened:   Our refrigeration apprentice was working on a roof attempting to pull bearings off a steel shaft. He was tapping the bearings with a hammer and some steel came off striking him i... Read More

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanic

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics commission and service refrigeration and air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial industries. As a refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic, you’ll find yourself learning both elements of plumbing and electro technology.   A... Read More

Safety Alert – Elevating Work Platforms

This safety alert is aimed as a reminder to those who operate elevating work platforms (EWPs) about the dangers of operating this equipment.   There was a recent incident reported by WorkCover NSW, where a worker died from injuries sustained when the boom-type elevating work platform (EWP... Read More