An IT traineeship is a good introduction to this industry!

If you are a switched on code monkey or just like helping
people with their IT problems then think about this traineeship
as a foot in the door to a growing industry.

Information Technology (Websites) Traineeship

An information technology (websites) traineeship would provide you with the skills to design and/or manage websites. This qualification is split into two separate streams:

  • design; or
  • administration.

The design stream will provide you with the skills to design and construct web pages. To complete the units you will be required to learn specific web languages, software, platforms and possess creative flair.

If you were to complete the administration stream you would be required to complete units that will teach you to monitor and manage the technical aspects of the website such as analysing performance, security, writing basic script and basic web development.

This traineeship is completed over 24 months and you would be required to complete a Certificate IV IT (Websites) nationally recognised qualification.