Mobile Plant Mechanic Apprenticeship

Be in charge of keeping heavy-duty machines for construction, agriculture or industrial area running with mechanical diagnosis, maintenance and repairs.

You’re a problem solver through and through, who likes to work with your hands. When mechanical faults occur that stop business in their tracks, you’ll be the person they call.

If you feel cramped in an office and don’t mind working outdoors, working as a mobile plant mechanic may be the career path for you. Kick start your career as a tradesperson. Mobile plant mechanics diagnose and repair different mobile plant hydraulic systems, cooling systems, look after industry vehicles and repair power shifts.

As a mobile plant mechanic, you will be constantly learning and working with emerging mobile plant technologies, keeping your brain and body sharp. The first step in lifelong learning starts with undertaking an apprenticeship. In 1300apprentice’s mobile plant mechanic apprenticeship, we look after full training and support, with classroom and on the job learning, letting you start earning and learning sooner; without the massive debt.

About our Mobile Plant Mechanic Apprenticeship

The 1300apprentice program supports you through the Certificate iii Mobile Plant Mechanic. This is a nationally recognised qualification in Australia that will qualify you to carry out service operations as a mobile plant mechanic. Our mobile plant mechanic apprenticeship is a full program that assists those looking to step into this career, through practical information and ongoing support.

We are the employer in this program, and therefore we cover all the costs of training, wages, allowances and support. We also connect you to employers looking for apprentices, so that you can implement practical knowledge and develop lifelong skills.

On completion of this course, you will have the skills to:

  • Identify faults in mobile plant hydraulic systems
  • Diagnose cooling systems
  • Repair, maintain and service hydraulic and cooling systems
  • Test, charge and replace batteries of vehicles
  • Jump-start vehicles
  • Repair powershift transmissions
  • Carry out field servicing operations

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for people who are good at problem-solving, enjoy practical and manual work, like working outdoors, and are willing to learn.

As an equal opportunity employer, we’re also a proud employer of many mature-aged students, women and Indigenous Australians.

For Employers

If you are needing to service more heavy machines than you can handle, maybe it’s time to hire a mobile plant mechanic apprentice to help lighten the load. 1300apprentice has connected and supported many host employers across the construction industry.

We have a thorough screening process for dedicated candidates and help prepare every apprentice with the knowledge and support to satisfyingly fulfil the role.

Why Choose 1300apprentice?

1300apprentice is dedicated to connecting thousands of apprentices and trainees to host employers and further work in Australia. We take thorough care to provide all support, guidance and training to help apprentices reach their full potential, and for host employers to find strong performing employees; so that you can focus on the process, as we will take care of the rest.

We have successfully supported and seen over 2000 students into successful outcomes in work. 

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Out of trade apprentices

We understand that at times your employer can no longer maintain your employment or sometimes you need a new employer to gain further experience in the industry.

Mature age apprentices

We understand that there can be some challenges of undertaking an apprenticeship as an adult so would like to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.