Do more than just changing oil and brake fluid. Work, earn and gain invaluable hands-on experience with 1300apprentice’s car apprenticeships. 

1300apprentice ensures you are matched with the right employer from the get-go, allowing you to obtain practical knowledge from real-life experiences from day one.

Some of the roles include, but are not limited to, replacing defective vehicle parts, completing a basic service and maintenance check to being part of a week-long engine rebuild: we’re talking about real-life business situations! If you’re looking to pursue your passion in anything automotive or auto electrical-related, one thing is for certain – every day will be different and full of exciting challenges. 

What can you expect from a car apprenticeship program?

If you’re keen on getting your hands dirty, and dedicated to wanting to learn everything there is to know about the automotive industry, our car apprenticeships are designed to give you the necessary hands-on experience. As a 1300apprentice, you’ll learn the on-the-job skills to safely inspect, diagnose, repair and service a variety of lightweight and heavyweight manual and automatic vehicles. 

You will also learn how to effectively communicate with the clients that drive them. From everything automotive-related from manufacturing, body repairs to electrical technology, our car apprenticeships will ensure you learn real-life skills and work towards your nationally recognised qualification.

With every automotive apprenticeship, you are guaranteed to learn: 

  • Replacing, mending defective vehicle parts from switches, fuses and lamps
  • Testing and replacing starter motors, generators and defective alternators
  • Examining motor engines and their components
  • Diagnosing potential faults in engines
  • Repairing and replacing worn and damaged parts
  • Using technical equipment to test the function of engines 
  • Performing scheduled maintenance on vehicles including oil changes, engine tune-ups, and more 
  • Testing and fixing faults with electrical systems in vehicles such as lights, ignition, etc. 

Skills needed for a car apprenticeships: 

If you’re looking to utilise your hands-on skills in vehicle maintenance and repairs, then our car apprenticeship is definitely an invaluable course. Aside from your passion for cars and anything automotive-related, you will need the strong ability to work with your hands, possess strong listening skills, the ability to adapt to challenges, be a fast-learner with initiative, and the talent to handle multiple tools.

With over 5000 people employed in the automotive industry, apprenticeships can provide you with the necessary qualifications, practical experience and theory-knowledge needed to become a fully qualified and successful automotive mechanic. 

1300apprentice currently offers the Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology.  The duration of the apprenticeship covers:

  • Servicing and maintenance of vehicles
  • Diagnosing and repairing of vehicles
  • Using and maintaining tools and equipment in an automotive workplace

Duration: 4 years

Location: TAFE 

*Throughout the apprenticeship, we will cover wages, allowances, annual leave & annual leave loading, TAFE/RTO fees, mentoring & support, WHS/PPE.

At 1300apprentice, we encourage people from all backgrounds to succeed in their careers and strive for vocational excellence. We also offer traineeship programs for women in trades, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders, mature-aged apprenticeships, out-of-trade apprenticeships and so much more. Get in contact with a team member today for more information about a specific career program.