Stats on In-Demand Jobs in Australia

Our most popular jobs for 2023/24 are also some of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. Read the statistics from Careers Institute Councill of Australia.

30 Nov 2023 News, Recruitment

The importance of a resume

As a recruiter, I have a large number of applicants who send me resumes that are poorly set out, full of spelling and grammatical errors and employment information that is vague or incomplete.

01 Mar 2023 Recruitment, Updates
first job

How To Prepare For Apprenticeship ?

Are you considering going for an apprenticeship? Great!  An apprenticeship is both a job and a training program at the same time. So like applying…

01 Dec 2022 News, Recruitment

Educational Pathways Programs

1300apprentice have been selected to take part in the Head Start program starting September 2022. This program is offering a pre-apprenticeship to year 10-12 students whilst at school. Educational Pathways programs like Head start are offered to NSW Government public schools and form part of the Educational Pathways Programs.

30 Aug 2022 News, Recruitment