WH&S - fatigue

20 Feb 2012

Something I read recently really brought home to me how important it is to manage fatigue of employees in the workplace. read more

The right attention and proper treatment of a sprain or strain can stop the injury from getting any worse. Without treatment, a sprain of a ligament or a strain of a muscle can mean a long recovery. read more

Know the rules and take the time to build up good habits around each and every task you do. read more

We are proud to announce a drop in the level of WH&S incidents here at 1300apprentice. read more

A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic commissions and services refrigeration and air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial industries. read more

With our roots firmly planted in the manufacturing trades and boilermaking well represented, from time to time apprentices will incur flash burn also known as welder’s flash. read more

There's a lot of truth to this saying and it definitely applies to a job interview. read more

Just like apprenticeships, traineeships consist of structured on-the-job and off-the-job training, however they differ in that they tend to cover a broader cross-section of industry which can be applied to both blue and white collar industries. read more

It’s always a good sign when a host employer believes in their trainee or apprentice so much that they... read more

We would like to draw your attention to open wounds which make up more than a quarter of workplace... read more

1300apprentice WH&S Manager has passed on this great YouthSafe information. The most common risk-taking... read more

This month we are spotlighting Namatjira Skuthorpe who is a 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering apprentice hosted... read more

This month we are profiling the trade Shopfitting and two of our apprentices who are hosted with Hettich Australia - Antonino Scriva who is almost a 4th year apprentice and Carmelo Pollicina who is a 2nd year apprentice. read more

This month we are profiling some of our pre-apprentices that participated in the fitting and machining/fabrication pre-apprenticeship program which ran from March to May 2011. read more