Just like apprenticeships, traineeships consist of structured on-the-job and off-the-job training, however they differ in that they tend to cover a broader cross-section of industry which can be applied to both blue and white collar industries. read more

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This month we are profiling the trade Shopfitting and two of our apprentices who are hosted with Hettich Australia - Antonino Scriva who is almost a 4th year apprentice and Carmelo Pollicina who is a 2nd year apprentice. read more

This month we are profiling some of our pre-apprentices that participated in the fitting and machining/fabrication pre-apprenticeship program which ran from March to May 2011. read more

An apprenticeship in refrigeration and air conditioning is completed over four years and you are required to complete a Certificate III Refrigeration and Air Conditioning nationally recognised qualification. read more

At 1300apprentice we are constantly bombarded with applications for electrical, carpentry or plumbing apprenticeships. read more

A carpentry apprentice in the WTE area suffered an eye injury recently whilst operating a compressed air nail gun. read more

WH&S - Burns

16 Dec 2011

Workplace burns can be prevented and the likelihood of serious injury can be reduced by diligently following workplace safety measures and by educating workers on workplace burn hazards. read more

Here at 1300apprentice we're always pleased to get feedback about our apprentices in the field. read more

Depression affects roughly 1 in 5 people at some point in their lives and is the most common form of mental illness. read more

Decision making, risk taking and even fatigue are affected by a still-maturing brain. read more

In relation to pay and status upon completion, Dr Karmel said “For young men, going down the apprenticeship pathway after completing Year 12 leads to the best predicted pay at age 25.” read more