Arboriculture traineeship, Certificate III, Regional Areas of NSW

Working in the outdoors is a vocation that are the dreams of many people in our wonderful country.

In this Arboriculture traineeship, those dreams become a reality!!

At 1300apprentice, we have a range of traineeship locations in many NSW regional areas with our Host employer.

The successful candidate will study a Certificate III in Arboriculture for a period of 3 years.

These roles are at the following locations:

  • Cowra
  • Young

Listed below are tasks that the trainee will learn and eventually be able to undertake:

  • Trimming, felling and removing vegetation from under and around power lines.
  • Removal of branches and tree material, which may involve climbing with a rope-and-harness in trees, operating an elevated work platform (usually near energized lines) or from the
  • ground.
  • Fells trees or trims trunks; cuts into manageable pieces.
  • Cleaning and disposal of all debris.
  • Operate equipment such as: petrol/diesel and hydraulic tools, power saws, power winches, elevated work platform, chipper, and sprayers.
  • Uses ladders and hand tools such as hand lines, saws, block and tackle, pruners, etc.
  • Sprays brush and stumps with hand-spraying equipment to prevent further growth, making proper and selective application of herbicides, if qualified to do so.
  • May control movement of vehicular traffic through sites in which tree trimming is performed by the use of sign and hand signals, and stop/slow bats when directed by the Leading Hand.
  • Sets up barriers, warning signs, flags, markers, etc., to protect employees and public. Is trained to perform tree and bucket rescue.
  • Repairs slight damage to lawns, fences and walks caused by tree trimming.
  • Assists in the training of new personnel
  • Drives and operates company vehicles and equipment in accordance with company policies, government regulations and laws, and HSO requirements.
  • Performs other related work, as assigned.

Training will be provided initially for a period of 1-2 weeks, but we are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Having a genuine interest in this trade
  • Having a driver’s licence
  • Physically fit
  • Able to work at heights
  • Willing to undergo study at TAFE
  • Willing to undergo pre-employment medicals and drug and alcohol testing

If you are interested in these roles, please apply via our website today!

This is a 2024 skills priority position, eligible apprentices could receive up to $5000 payment to undertake this apprenticeship

Suitable candidates only will be contacted for an interview.

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