Jobs of the future

Driven by technology, generational & social factors

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Career. It’s more than just a Job.

Watch our recent presentation to the Careers Advisors Association (NSW & ACT).

Jobs of the future, driven by technology, generational & social factors 12mins – YouTube

“Jobs of the future This topic has been our top priority for some time now and we hope to pass on information that will help you in your roles and to assist young people into their careers. Not just a job, but a sustainable, evolving career.

As a Group Training Organisation we work with many industry groups, employers, institutions and associations. This gives us the ability to see what’s trending now and which industries and markets are changing and adapting to modern technology as we prepare for the future. Jobs of the future are not only driven by technology but also generational and socially driven.

We also see how these changes influence the roles and the qualifications within these industries through the VET (Vocational Education and training) sector.

I’d like to firstly talk about some of the roles and industries we have seen firsthand that are now categorised as a job of the future and also delve into what’s involved in these roles. I will also discuss other jobs of the future that 1300apprentice may not engage in but is none the less, high demand and preparing for the future as well.

At the end of this presentation, please visit our website for further information on all of these roles and their pathways.

With the rise in our population, infrastructure and construction has become high in demand and will be for some time. These include your traditional trades such as engineering, electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration to name a few however, some of the highest growth areas we have come across are not so well known and many may not realise where to start.”

Read more on each vocation from the apprenticeship or traineeship pages.

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