ACT Apprenticeships intake, 2022

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Are you finishing school this year? We have a variety of apprenticeships and traineeships on offer in the ACT and our intake is now open!

Cabinet Making Apprenticeship

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With cabinet makers earning an average yearly salary of $63,375* per year in Australia ($32.50 per hour), cabinet making, wood joinery and carpentry is a popular profession, according to the job site, Indeed.  As with most apprenticeships and traineeships, no two days are the same. Cabinet mak

Production Nursery Apprenticeship

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Interested in learning about the latest production nursery techniques in propagation and growing, or looking for a rewarding career change in agriculture conservation and horticulture? Then the certificate III in Production Nursery is a fantastic opportunity to jumpstart a new vocational path. 

Parks & Gardens Apprenticeship

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Do you enjoy horticulture or are interested in learning invaluable skills related to improving gardens? Then looking into a parks and gardens apprenticeship might be the right career path for you. Similar to a horticulture traineeship or a landscaping apprenticeship, this apprenticeship is a fantas

Mature aged apprenticeship

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We understand that there can be some challenges of undertaking an apprenticeship as an adult so would like to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.

Automotive & Auto Electrician Apprenticeships

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Do more than just changing oil and brake fluid. Work, earn and gain invaluable hands-on experience with 1300apprentice’s car apprenticeships.  1300apprentice ensures you are matched with the right employer from the get-go, allowing you to obtain practical knowledge from real-life experiences

Carpentry Apprenticeships & Training Australia

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Obtain hands-on experience and build your career with 1300apprentice. Carpenter apprenticeships are invaluable to prepare you for practical roles where you will construct frames, trusses and eaves, repair existing fittings or shape timber on a residential, commercial or industrial site. By completi