2015 Apprentice of the year winners

We are proud to announce our well-deserving winners for this year. We would like to thank all apprentices, trainees, host employers and field officers for their hard work and effort in submitting the nominations and patiently waiting for the results. AND the winners are…  

Winner – Apprentice of the Year Overall & Winner – Apprentice of the Year – Electrical Category James Binnington
Electrotechnology Certificate III Host Employer- Fanelec Group Pty Ltd

Field Officer – Darren Gibson James came to 1300apprentice and his Host employer Fanelec as a 2nd-year apprentice. Due to his outstanding knowledge, skills and work ethic James was deemed to be capable of an early completion and is now a supervisor with his Host employer on a major site in Sydney. During his time with us, James completed his Certificate III in Electrotechnology and then, in his own time, a Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation.

James believes that any ‘further education on top of the Certificate III is great for anyone out there either in a more specialised field or looking to get into one, there really is no price on knowledge’. James has enjoyed both the technical and theory side of electronics, as well as the practical side.  James is also working with the latest apprentice recruits on his job sites. With technology constantly changing, every day is a learning experience. James now has is eyes set on completing his Diploma in Electrical Engineering in the near future.

Runner Up – Apprentice of the Year Overall & Apprentice of the Year Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Category Mark Bartillo
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate III Host Employer- Johnson Controls Pty Ltd Field Officer – Darren Gibson

Mark was fortunate enough to complete his Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate III with our Host Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd. Mark didn’t rest on his good fortune, rather he put in a commendable effort to become the sort of Apprentice that the Tradesmen asked for by name. Mark’s supervisor was quick to explain how Mark had always shown a “thirst for knowledge and technical skills well above expectation”.

Mark’s dedication and consistent effort were appreciated by senior staff, clients and especially by younger Apprentices who often benefited from his help. His Host employer stated that Mark ‘consistently demonstrated dedication to the trade, has a respectful attitude and a fantastic work ethic”. The Supervisors at Host company Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd acknowledged and rewarded this effort by issuing Mark with a company vehicle in his 3rd year. Mark has been successful because he has always been prepared to work hard and have a good attitude, and the rewards and opportunities have come his way because he deserved them.

Mark’s work has always been done at the highest technical level and importantly it has been done safely, and this makes Mark an ideal leader and an ambassador for the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration trade. Mark certainly deserved the acknowledgement of receiving the ‘1300apprentice Runner Up Apprentice of the Year’ award and also the recognition of Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd who selected Mark to attend advanced technical training in China.

Winner Apprentice of the Year – Engineering Category
Marcus Healy Engineering Mechanical Trade Certificate III Host Employer- Breseight Australia Pty Ltd

Field Officer – Meagan Thorpe Marcus really valued the opportunity he was offered at Breseight Australia Pty Ltd and showed everyone just how he felt by putting in a performance that saw him win the 1300apprentice Apprentice of the Year Metals. Marcus completed his Certificate III Engineering Mechanical ahead of time with excellent class marks along the way. Marcus was also nominated and won Apprentice of the Year for South West Sydney with the NSW Training Awards. Marcus finds his job varied from day to day with one of the most interesting items he has built to date being a crushed skull replica which was is useful for surgeons to review prior to starting an operation.  

Marcus is really on his way, after completing year 10 at school and straight going into his Apprenticeship, he is now a fully qualified Tradesman with a good job (and yet to celebrate his 21st Birthday). Marcus is continuing with his study and building on his skills and knowledge. The other side to Marcus is his ‘team player’ attitude highlighted by the fact that he is also the First Aid Officer responsible for 20+ employees and all visitors to Breseight Australia.  Completing his First Aid Course and CPR Training Course while completing his Apprenticeship and still delivering an award-winning level of performance.

Winner Apprentice of the Year – Other Category
Katherine Greening Signage Certificate III Host Employer- Holroyd City Council

Field Officer – Darren Gibson Katherine commenced this apprenticeship as an Adult, looking from a change from being a fashion retail worker. Her work ethic and exemplary attention to detail were valued highly by her Host employer Holroyd City Council and in some instances, she was actually able to teach her managers some new techniques learnt at TAFE. According to Katherine, signwriting is a career that puts her creative abilities to good use, producing work from conception and design through to the finished product.

Signwriting is a trade that with the use of technology is constantly changing. There is an increasing focus on computer skills and machine operations. Katherine enjoys that you are never stuck behind a desk and get to work in a variety of locations on a variety of jobs.  Katherine found that there were benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship, including getting paid while you learn without a HECS debt at the end. With glowing reports on the quality of her work from her managers and TAFE teachers, Katherine is continuing to work with Holroyd City Council as well as now using her skills with a number of friends businesses and also creating artworks that have been auctioned at charity fundraisers.

Winner – Trainee of the Year Overall & Winner – Trainee of the Year – Business Category Bonnie Gerwald
Business Certificate III Host Employer- Nationwide Financial Field Officer – Lorraine Hull

Bonnie commenced her Certificate III in Business with Host employer Nationwide Financial after leaving school. Bonnie showed excellent initiative and skills, professionalism and was keen to build on these skills by enrolling in a Certificate IV in Accounting. Bonnie found the ‘study itself went hand in hand with the work tasks’. ‘I am happy I made the decision to complete a traineeship as the combination of work experience and related studies has been a solid start to my career’. 

During her traineeship, one of Bonnie’s proudest achievements was to participate in the World Challenge Program which involved fundraising to then travel to Vietnam where Bonnie and her teammates assisted local communities by carrying out much-needed repairs and maintenance to improve the community’s living standards. At the completion of her traineeship, Bonnie was offered the role of Accounting Team Coordinator and now deals directly with all members of the accounting team from Senior Managers to administration staff. She has recently been asked to train the organisation’s latest trainee recruit and is enjoying this challenge.

Runner Up – Trainee of the Year Jade Sparrow
Business Certificate III Host Employer- Dunsteel Engineering Pty Ltd Field Officer – Meagan Thorpe

Jade has won the 1300apprentice Runner Up Trainee of the Year award by not only performing her role to the highest standard but also by showing her willingness to take any opportunity to help her host business. Jade is working at Dunsteel Engineering Pty Ltd and completing her Certificate III in Business Services with great distinction.

Jade’s supervisor commented “I like Jade’s attitude the most”, it is her positive attitude that helps Jade be a fast learner and a reliable team member in a very busy office. Jade has progressed and been promoted because she has studied and risen to challenges. Jade has gained entry into both ANU and Wollongong Universities showing that there is still a lot more to come in Jade’s career.

Indigenous Trainee of the Year
Taylor Phillips Financial Services Certificate III Host Employer- ANZ Bank

Field Officer- Lorraine Hull Taylor commenced with Certificate III Financial Services with Host employer ANZ Bank. Throughout this two-year traineeship, Taylor showed professionalism and maturity when dealing with both staff and customers. Taylor stated ‘that there is no better way to learn than hands-on learning and putting into action what you have learnt during each day.

Through on the job training, you are able to experience real-life situations and learn at a high level, feeling more satisfied’. Taylor successfully completed her traineeship and the skills she has developed allows her to perform a dual role of Service Consultant and Personal Banker. Taylor is also very actively involved with her local Land Council meetings so that she is involved more in her community and aware of what is happening that affects her area.

Winner – 2nd Year Apprentice High Achiever Cameron Bennett
Engineering Fabrication (Heavy) Certificate III Host Employer- ACE Gutters (Spouting) Pty Ltd Field Officer – Meagan Thorpe

Cameron has won the 1300apprentice 2nd Year Apprentice High Achiever award while studying Certificate III Engineering Fabrication Trade (Heavy) and working at ACE Gutters. Cameron started his apprenticeship a little later in life, but he hasn’t wasted any time in establishing himself as a talented and productive Fabricator who can take on a wide variety of tasks to the highest standard. 

Cameron has not only enjoyed the trade (introduced to him by his Grandfather) but is enjoying the study enough to sign up for additional courses. Cameron’s supervisor stated that ‘his skill set is growing all the time and he is strengthening the team at ACE Gutters’- a company who has been around for 50 years.  The constant improvement and consistent effort that Cameron shows have cemented place in that team.

Winner – 3rd Year Apprentice High Achiever Benjamin Goodridge
Electrotechnology Certificate III Host Employer- Solar Technology Australia Pty Ltd Field Officer – Lorraine Hull

Benjamin’s Certificate III in Electrotechnology didn’t start out at all how he planned, he has now settled and excelling with Solar Technology Australia Pty Ltd and has impressed with his positive attitude and skills. Benjamin is the 1300apprentice 3rd Year Apprentice High Achiever Award winner and such is the confidence that Solar Technology Australia has in him, that they allow Benjamin to assist their major clients by himself.

Benjamin’s typical work day is varied and packed with action, often working out on the water and always with high tech equipment. To be successful in technical fields it is important to keep learning and keep motivated, Benjamin is showing everyone that he is doing both with his attitude and performance.

Winner – School-Based Apprentice of the Year Owen Isedale
Carpentry Certificate II Host Employer- Max Wood & Sons Builders Pty Ltd Field Officer – Meagan Thorpe

Owen commenced his apprenticeship while studying Year 11 and 12 at school. He fast-tracked through the TAFE component during Year 11, leaving him more time to concentrate on his other studies in Year 12. During his apprenticeship, he worked 1 day per week with his Host employer Max Wood and Sons Builders Pty Ltd. Owen loved that enrolling in the TVET course and apprenticeship allowed him to attend TAFE half a day per week and work for one day, an experience he loved.

Owen was successful in the Regional NSW Training Awards 2015, winning School-Based Apprentice of the Year and moving on to the State Finals. He was also nominated for the Illawarra Schools Excellence in VET awards 2015, an amazing result for him. Owen has been offered a role with his Host employer to continue his apprenticeship as a 2nd-year carpenter when he has completed school.

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