For over 35 years, 1300apprentice has assisted over 2000 apprentices and trainees complete their qualification, adding skilled staff to business like yours. 1300apprentice understands that each business has different needs and requirements. To assist your business, we recruit people specifically to your requirements.

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    As a host, your responsibilities are:

    • Provide a safe work environment.
    • Full supervision of the apprentice or trainee while they are working with you.
    • Ensuring that training is appropriate and progressive.
    • Provide 38 hours per week of working/training both on and off-the-job.
    • Allowing our field officers access during working hours for monitors every three months.
    • Send a fully completed and authorised timesheet on a weekly basis.
    • Payment of a weekly invoice (for hours worked and RTO attendance) within trading terms.
    • Advise 1300apprentice immediately of any workplace accident involving our worker.
    • Trainees undertaking their coursework in the office require 3 hours per week for study modules without interruption.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I run out of work?

    1300apprentice recognises that business from time to time run out of work. We require only two weeks’ notice to rotate the apprentice away from your business and into work with another company.

    Do I get to choose my apprentice?

    All 1300apprentice candidates are fully screened and tested however as a host employer you get to make the final decision on who works in your business.

    Why use 1300apprentice if I can do it all myself?

    Our service enables you to focus on your business and not your staffing needs. Specialising in apprentice and trainee recruitment and employment for over 30 years we have a wealth of experience in managing the apprenticeship and traineeship process for your business.

    What happens if the apprentice is injured while working with me?

    If your apprentice is injured, please contact your Field Officer as soon as possible. 1300apprentice will support the apprentice by attending doctor’s appointments and provide return to work plans where necessary.  At times, we may ask our host employers to assist in light duties to return the apprentice back to work as soon as they are able to.

    What happens if I shut my business for the holidays?

    Reasonable notice is required to be given to the apprentice who will apply to take annual leave during this time. As annual leave is already included in the Host Employer charge-out rate you will not receive an invoice over this time from 1300apprentice.

    Who looks after TAFE/RTO enrolments?

    1300apprentice does! We also regularly update the Host Employer with the apprentice’s progress at TAFE/RTO and provide you with a copy of their results as they become available.

    How much does the service cost?

    The cost of the 1300apprentice service is included in the hourly host charge out rate and these rates are dependent on the relevant industrial award. The hourly host charge out rate is inclusive of the apprentice’s/trainee’s wage, superannuation, all entitlements such as annual leave and loading, sick leave and public holidays, TAFE/RTO enrolment fee, PPE, Workers Compensation provision and our performance monitoring.

    Mature aged apprentices

    We understand that there can be some challenges of undertaking an apprenticeship as an adult so would like to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.

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    Out of trade apprentices

    We understand that at times your employer can no longer maintain your employment or sometimes you need a new employer to gain further experience in the industry.