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How do job seekers get an apprenticeship up and running? 1300apprentice has helped over 2000 apprentices and trainees successfully complete their qualification. This couldn't have been possible without our partnering employers and of course people like you! Join an award-winning company today and set yourself up for the future.

As a job seeker landing your first job is made easy with 1300apprentice. An apprentice/traineeship has $0 costs compared to university, no ATAR requirements and a high employment rate on completion. If you want a meaningful and long term career start with 1300apprentice today.

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VET vs Uni

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VET vs Uni

Busting myths about VET (Vocational Education & Training)

Hear from students and VET graduates as they break down myths and help demystify vocational education pathways. Dept of Education, NSW. 4.56min

Weighing up the options between university and vocational education can be difficult depending on which industry you want to enter. In some instances, you may only have one choice.

We’ve asked our apprentices and trainees about why they chose Vocational Educational & Training (VET) when also presented with an opportunity to go to University to which most said they enjoy being able to ‘earn while they learn’ and ‘gain valuable skills on the job’.

On-the-job experience is valued highly by employers. The experience that a trade or traineeship offers is a valuable introduction into the working world, one which teaches workforce etiquette, skills relevant to the industry and provides a nationally recognised qualification, all within a 12–48 month period.

Upon successful completion, many skills shortage industries will pay above $56k per annum for a qualified trade person, there is a higher chance for employment outcomes for qualified tradespeople and an opportunity for further study including University education.

Vocational Education

  • 82% of VET graduates who completed an apprenticeship or traineeship are employed after training*
  • $56,000 per annum is the median income of a VET graduate working full time after training*
  • Nil entry requirements and in some instances study can commence whilst at school

University Education

  • 67% of University students find work after graduation
  • $54,000 per annum us the median income of a University graduate*
  • Entry requires an ATAR

*McCrindle Research & Skilling Australia Foundation.

Already an apprentice?

  • Looking to recommence
  • Need more exposure to the trade
  • Employer ran out of work
Let us know. Submit your resume and cover letter to enable our recruitment team to understand your interests and assign applicable roles to you directly. Our process is simple…
We’re here to help you succeed in your apprenticeship or traineeship.
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What is a Group Training Organisation (GTO)?

A group training organisation (GTO) is an organisation that employs apprentices and trainees, and then places them with a host employer who they work for whilst receiving on-the-job training for their apprenticeship or traineeship.

GTOs support the apprenticeship and traineeship system in Australia by providing: employment for apprentices and trainees opportunities for employers who can’t support an apprentice or trainee for the full term of an apprenticeship or traineeship, or think it is too administratively cumbersome, to still take on an apprentice or trainee employment opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships that otherwise might not have existed.

What will the interviewer ask me?

Be prepared by researching what tasks your role will include, have some knowledge of the company you have applied to work with. Have some examples where you have undertaken projects at school or home that may be relevant to the job. Knowing these before you go to the interview will demonstrate that you are enthusiastic and know what to expect in the role.

What should I wear to the interview?

Click here for tips on how to dress for an interview.

How do I get to know about the role and company I am hoping to work with?

The internet is a great source of information. Research the company website to see what work they are undertaking, what projects they are involved in, how long they have been in operation. You can also use the internet, parents or people you know already in the trade to talk about the role. Having a good general understanding will help you stand out from the other candidates.

How long will my apprenticeship or traineeship take to complete?

This varies depending on the career path you choose. Training Services NSW has all the current information on apprenticeship and traineeship training terms.

Does it cost me anything for 1300apprentice to find me a job?

No – 1300apprentice was established to assist job seekers into a rewarding career path. At no time are you charged for any of the services we provide you in locating a job.

How do I register with 1300apprentice as a job seeker?

That’s easy – click here and fill out the form.

Should I supply references for the interview?

References from work experience or a casual role that you have had will always help you. It is preferable that you provide a fixed line phone number rather than a mobile phone number. Written references must be on a letterhead with contact details for the interviewee to verify its validity.

What you need to know about a GTO

SKILLS NSW gives you the low down for apprentice and trainee options. What you need to know, and How does it work. Check them out: Skills NSW – apprentices & trainees

Wondering what skills you have and which career could be yours?

Try the Year13 career quiz, Youra. It takes only a few minutes and is really insightful into your personal career options.

How to build a resume

Do you need a hand building a resume?

Check out this video for what to include, then try Canva or Indeed templates to build your document.

Free Online Resume Builder – Canva

Indeed video:

Have a question not answered? Contact us via this form or call us on 1300 277 736.

Women in trades

Offering fee-free training and long-term development opportunities for Women in Trades.

Australian school based apprenticeship and traineeship

Here at 1300apprentice we work closely with schools to source suitable candidates…

Mature age apprentices

We understand that there can be some challenges of undertaking an apprenticeship as an adult so would like to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.

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Out of trade apprentices

We understand that at times your employer can no longer maintain your employment or sometimes you need a new employer to gain further experience in the industry.

First Nations employment

Working with small, medium and large private and government organisations, it’s our…

Vet vs Uni

On-the-job experience is valued highly by employers, and that's what you get from day one as an apprentice.

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We'd like to help you find everything you need to start your career with us. As an apprenticeship specialist we have the experience in over 40 vocations. Ask us about starting a career today.

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