Reviews & Testimonials

“I am really enjoying my time working at ANZ Bank. I love the fact that I am able to work in such a professional environment with great staff who are able to teach and guide me professionally and personally.

Getting the hands on experience is so great and I have way more confidence now than when I first started my ASBA position with ANZ. I am getting more comfortable when dealing with customers face to face and I am able to help them with most inquiries they have. I am so happy I am doing it and really appreciate the support I am also receiving from 1300apprentice. I can call 1300apprentice with any issues or concerns and they are always happy to help and support me.”

ACT ASBA student

“1300apprentice is a great company that definitely stands out from its competitors. When you come into the office, whether you’re an apprentice, trainee or working directly for the business, you will always be treated with respect and feel welcomed by all staff. This company stands out for its high level of respect, professionalism, the company’s mission and its values.”

Ashley Arezo

“Best experience working with 1300apprentice they are a very helpful team and always happy to help. Made me feel like a important person!” – Trainee

Sarah Horn

“1300apprentice have been truly amazing with everything through my apprenticeship. Both Karen and Megan were amazing at helping me throughout my journey. I have now started my own business in my trade and couldn’t be here without them. Cannot reccomend and thank them enough.”

B Martin

“I would highly recommend 1300apprentice to any one looking into taking on a traineeship. The whole process from start to finish was professional and all the staff are amazing. I have always been a shy person and struggled to be confident within the workplace. Since completing a Business Traineeship through 1300apprentice I now feel like I can take on any challenge given to me and have walked away with a full time job with my host employer. I would like to specially thank my field officer Lorraine for guiding me through my course and helping me with any issues or questions I had from start to finish.” Trainee

Jacinta Stenning

“Finishing my engineering drafting traineeship with 1300apprentice today I could not be more thankful of the work Karen Bates and earlier Meagan Thorpe put in to help navigate through the years, the support was second to none and I could not have done it without them. Having been with another apprenticeship provider previous, I can quite easily recommend 1300apprentice – if you can get Karen supporting you, you’ll be in very good hands.” Apprentice

Riley Amos