Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology

Duration - 4 year
Study - TAFE / CIT

What Is A Certificate III In Mobile Plant Technology?

An Aur31220 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology is a nationally recognised qualification that provides apprentices with the necessary skills and knowledge required to become a machinery mechanic. This apprenticeship covers a range of technical areas related to mobile plant technology, ensuring trainees gain a solid understanding of how machinery operates and repair techniques. 

What Is Mobile Plant Machinery? 

Mobile plant machinery refers to a wide range of equipment used across industries like construction, mining, and agriculture, among others. The mobile plant mechanic specialises in working with big equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, and more. 

These machines are vital for construction, transportation, and various other sectors, and their upkeep is essential for seamless operations.

Tasks As Mobile Plant Technician Apprentice

The main key tasks students learn when completing this apprenticeship include:  

  • Diagnosing and repairing mobile plant hydraulic systems: Identifying issues and fixing problems related to hydraulic systems used in mobile plant machinery.
  • Repairing cooling systems: Understanding and fixing problems within the cooling systems of machinery.
  • Inspecting and servicing hydraulic systems: Regularly check and maintain them to ensure their proper functioning.
  • Testing, charging, and replacing batteries and jump-starting vehicles: Handling tasks related to vehicle batteries, including testing, charging, replacing, and jump-starting them when necessary.
  • Diagnosing and repairing powershift transmissions: Identifying and fixing issues within the powershift transmissions of mobile plant machinery.
  • Carrying out servicing operations: Performing routine maintenance and service tasks on the machinery.
  • Learn about workplace safety and equipment maintenance: Understanding safety protocols and ensuring that machinery is well-maintained to prevent accidents.

The Mobile Plant Mechanic Apprentice: 

A Mobile Plant Mechanic is also known as a machinery mechanic or diesel mechanic. If you’re considering starting a career in mobile plant mechanics, here are some skills and interests  you should have: 

  • Practical and manual work: As the role requires, apprentices should have the physical strength to handle moderate-level physical lifting and manual dexterity in producing components. 
  • Problem-solving skills in diagnosing and repairing large-scale equipment. 
  • Ability to coordinate work with others and adapt to changing situations: Working well in a team and adjusting to different circumstances.
  • Being skilled and precise in creating machinery parts by hand.
  • Interest in mechanics and practical work. 
  • Interest in repairing large-scale equipment such as bulldozers, construction, mining or agricultural equipment. 

Career Opportunities With A Cert 3 In Mobile Plant Technology

Completing a Cert 3 In Mobile Plant Technology can open many career opportunities; when you become a mobile plant mechanic, you can work in different roles:

  • Mobile Plant Technicians
  • Service Advisor 
  • Foreman 
  • Workshop Controller 

Future Paths and Certifications

If you want to grow your machinery industry career, once you complete your mobile plant apprenticeship, students can opt for more specialisation certifications. 

  • Certification IV in Automotive Management 
  • Light commercial vehicle mechanical technology
  • Heavy vehicle commercial technology
  • Automotive manufacturing technical operations – bus, truck & trailer

Main Industries To Work As A Mechanic Apprentice

Mobile Plant mechanics can work across different industries, the most common being: 

  • Construction Industry:

There’s a high demand within the construction sector for mechanics. Their skill set in maintaining and repairing heavy equipment and machinery is necessary for sustaining construction projects. 

  • Transport, Postal, and Warehousing Sector:

Mechanic apprentices specialising in mobile plants are key to maintaining diverse vehicle fleets within this sector. Their expertise extends to the repair and upkeep of trucks, delivery vans, and specialised machinery essential for logistics and transportation. 

  • Mining Industry:

The mining sector heavily relies on mobile plant mechanics to keep mining machinery operational. Mechanic apprentices in this field perform maintenance tasks required for uninterrupted production. Their work ensures compliance with stringent safety standards, contributing to a safe and efficient mining environment.

  • Agriculture:

Mechanic apprentice’s service in repairing agricultural machinery and equipment is vital for farm operations. Their contributions improve agricultural productivity and facilitate the smooth functioning of the agricultural supply chain.

What Do We Help With at 1300apprentice?

If you’re looking to complete a Certificate III Mobile Plant Mechanic. At 1300apprentice, we provide you the support you need; we can help with: 

  • Wages: Payment for work performed.
  • Allowances: Additional payments or benefits.
  • Annual leave & loading: Paid time off and additional compensation during holidays.
  • TAFE/RTO fees: Fees related to Technical and Further Education (TAFE) or Registered Training Organizations (RTOs).
  • Mentoring & support: Guidance and assistance throughout the apprenticeship.
  • Workplace health & safety/personal protective equipment (WHS/PPE): Ensuring a safe working environment and providing necessary safety gear.

The 1300apprentice Difference

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  • Diagnose and repair mobile plant hydraulic systems
  • Diagnose and repair cooling systems
  • Inspect and service hydraulic systems
  • Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
  • Diagnose and repair powershift transmissions
  • Carry out servicing operations

Also known as

  • Mechanic
  • Machinery mechanic
  • Diesel mechanic

If you like

  • Mechanics
  • Practical and manual work
  • Problem-solving
  • Diagnosing & repairing
  • Repairing large-scale equipment such as bulldozers or agricultural equipment

We look after

  • Wages
  • Allowances
  • Annual leave & annual leave Loading
  • TAFE/RTO fees
  • Mentoring & support


Employers look for people who are trustworthy and responsible, can communicate with a variety of people and have good team work skills. (LabourMarketInsights.gov.au)