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George Carpinato

Why is a dedicated WHS Officer essential to achieve success in your business?

With George, you get the best of both worlds- the skilled expertise of a trained tradesperson and the knowledge and experience of a WHS officer.

Get the help you need to make sure your business holds up to the highest safety standards – Ask George today.

WHS Officer

  • George has a trade background and has worked through an apprenticeship to be a qualified tradesperson
  • 15 years experience working with GTO’s
  • Experience managing a cohort of apprentices and trainees in variety of trades, monitoring their progression in their trade, and helping to be safe in their workplace
  • Priority tasks include worksite inspections, making sure worksites are compliant and meet safety standards before an apprentice can be placed on site
  • Enjoy interacting with host employers, keeping them up to date on Work Health and Safety standards
  • Role also involves accident investigations, managing Work Health and Safety claims
  • Fun part is working with the team at 1300apprentice, achieving the best outcomes for our apprentices and trainees
  • I acknowledge the most effective WHS practices will minimise the risk if injury and illness of workers
  • I aim to improve the health and wellbeing of workers, improve productivity, and increase job satisfaction
  • My mantra is “Work Health and Safety is the responsibility of all workers and should be taken seriously”.

Contact George for any safety concerns on 1300 277 736.

1300apprentice is different to other GTOs, with a dedicated WHS officer (and secure web page of resources!) to help your business succeed.

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