Parks and Gardens Apprenticeship

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Do you enjoy horticulture or are interested in learning invaluable skills related to improving gardens? Then looking into a parks and gardens apprenticeship might be the right career path for you. Similar to a horticulture traineeship or a landscaping apprenticeship, this apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to work with your hands and maintain the appearance and longevity of public spaces so future generations can enjoy them. 

As a parks and gardens specialist, you will be assigned to the care of trees, shrubs and flowers. Your job is to keep the landscape safe, healthy and attractive for all. Gardens can vary from public and private, reserves, industrial and commercial sites to recreational facilities. They can be either new or established. 

The care of Australia’s most precious plant life is all in a day’s work for a parks and gardens apprentice.

About our garden apprenticeships

If you do decide that garden maintenance is your chosen career, it’s best to find yourself an apprenticeship with a provider like 1300apprentice. 

Parks and gardens apprenticeships usually run for four years and are part of your qualification pathway to a new and exciting career. If you’re new to the industry and looking for a change in career, we suggest undertaking the Certificate III in Parks and Gardens to obtain the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and nationally recognised qualifications needed for you to succeed. 

You will attend TAFE one day a week to obtain theoretical knowledge and on-the-job learning under the supervision of a qualified horticulturist for the rest of the working week. Your formal TAFE course will allow you to apply knowledge into practice as part of your on-the-job training. By becoming an apprentice with 1300apprentice, you will reap the benefits of combined on-the-job learning with structured training. With our gardens apprenticeship, you will learn an array of specialist skills and knowledge relevant to gardens management and receive a nationally recognised certification at completion of your training. As a parks and gardens apprentice, your duties will include but not limited to:

  • Mowing
  • Planting
  • Renovation of playing areas
  • Plant and tree maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Digging
  • Weeding
  • Fertilising
  • Leaf litter collection
  • Safe handling of spraying (herbicides/pesticides)
  • Irrigation
  • Learn how to correctly operate and safely handle specific equipment 

*This is a nationally recognised qualification, valid in all states and territories of Australia. Contact our team for more information about an apprenticeship or traineeship program.

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Whatever your next career path, we’re here to help you succeed and give you our support every step of the way. 1300apprentice has connected many candidates with employers from all backgrounds to achieve vocational excellence, and we have the testimonials and reviews to prove it. At 1300apprentice, we do our best to find parks and garden apprenticeships for all, offering apprenticeships and traineeships for women, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders, mature-aged apprentices and out of trade professionals.

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