Cyber Security Traineeship

Obtain an accredited national qualification and be part of the in-demand cyber security space with 1300apprentice.

With cyber crime costing the Australian economy about $3.5 billion a year (reported by Flinders University), comprehensive cyber security solutions have developed to become an integral part of protecting businesses and ensuring employees aren’t at risk from potential cyber threats. According to Cyber GOV Australia, it is estimated that roughly 2.8 million Australians are impacted by this type of attack every year, with nearly 6.7 million Australian adults being past victims.

Consequently, there’s an increased demand for cyber security specialists to help develop top-tier systems that offer safety and security for businesses heavily reliant on digital platforms. With 1300apprentice, we can help individuals build a strong career through vocational education and training with our comprehensive cyber security traineeships. In recent years, there has been a significant effort to improve industry standards, promote upskilling of the workforce and ongoing training, and as a result, cyber security has provided a diverse range of rewarding careers.

With the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Cyber Security, this pathway equips you with the practical, technical and theoretical skills to become a high-in-demand cyber security analyst. With 1300apprentice, you earn and learn, train using innovative technologies and learn how to manage cyber security threats to protect organisations from harm.

About our Cyber Security Traineeship

The Certificate IV in Cyber Security runs over three years and is designed for ambitious individuals keen to become technical experts or leverage awarding career opportunities within the cyber field. With ongoing support and mentorship, the skills you develop will encourage you to help provide safe and secure online experiences.

The technician-level qualification provides people with the knowledge and technical skills that enable them to:

  • Monitor the risk of cyber security attacks
  • Implement appropriate software
  • Use a range of tools, procedures and systems to mitigate cyber security threats
  • Protect organisations from insider security breaches
  • Develop new strategies to minimise network vulnerabilities and risks

*Please Note: This course content is considered high risk. The teaching of this course operates in a broader framework of the law and TAFE policies. There are many inherent laws relating to cyber security, including the Cybercrime Act 2001 and the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), with the Cybercrime Act (Cth) criminalising computer and internet related activities such as hacking, spreading viruses and website vandalism.


Whatever your next path, 1300apprentice is here to help you succeed and ensure you make the most of your vocational education.

With full professional support throughout your cyber security traineeship, 1300apprentice has dedicated themselves to achieving vocational excellence. Since our inception, we have partnered, and connected candidates with leading employers from all backgrounds and we have the reviews to prove it. We don’t discriminate at 1300apprentice. Whatever your experience, we provide traineeships and apprenticeships for women, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders, mature-aged apprenticeships, and so much more.

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