Vet vs Uni

Weighing up the options between university and vocational education can be difficult depending on which industry you want to enter. In some instances, you may only have one choice.

We’ve asked our apprentices and trainees about why they chose Vocational Educational & Training (VET) when also presented with an opportunity to go to University to which most said they enjoy being able to ‘earn while they learn’ and ‘gain valuable skills on the job’.

On-the-job experience is valued highly by employers. The experience that a trade or traineeship offers is a valuable introduction into the working world, one which teaches workforce etiquette, skills relevant to the industry and provides a nationally recognised qualification, all within a 12–48 month period.

Upon successful completion, many skills shortage industries will pay above $56k per annum for a qualified trade person, there is a higher chance for employment outcomes for qualified tradespeople and an opportunity for further study including University education.

Vocational Education

  • 82% of VET graduates who completed an apprenticeship or traineeship are employed after training*
  • $56,000 per annum is the median income of a VET graduate working full time after training*
  • Nil entry requirements and in some instances study can commence whilst at school
  • No cost to you.

University Education

  • 67% of University students find work after graduation
  • $54,000 per annum us the median income of a University graduate*
  • Entry requires an ATAR
  • HECS debt.

*McCrindle Research & Skilling Australia Foundation.

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Why you should look for a career you enjoy …

“The opportunity for success, career progression and a great income all exist within trade pathways the same way they do in any academic-based career. ATAR or no ATAR, I gained more becoming a tradesperson than I would have in a profession that I didn’t love.” Read more from The Sydney Morning Herald