Women in non-traditional trades

More than ever there are more women interested in trades. Working with our host employers, 1300apprentice supports the NSW Government by increasing the number of women in trades.

What are the advantages of a trade?

  • You’ll be paid to study
  • Work within a team
  • Gain real & practical skills from day one
  • Self employment

Why choose 1300apprentice for your trade?

All of our host employers have been screened to make sure we place you with the best possible employer.

Read about some of our female tradies on our news page and how 1300apprentice have supported them and helped them become award winners!


  • 676 female carpenters
  • 931 female motor mechanics
  • 638 female plumbers
  • 1432 female electricians – Women represent a total of 1.3% of electricians
  • With fewer than 2% of construction, automotive and electrical tradespeople in Australia being women
  • Women’s participation in trades and technical occupations has increased from 10 to 15 percent in NSW in the 25 years from 1987 to 2010**
*ABS (2012) Census of Population and Housing 2011
**Women NSW Occasional Paper March 2013

A snapshot of those in training as at 3 May 2020

Almost half of female apprentices are aged between 20-25. For up to date information on this graph, head to TableAU

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“Working through the GTO, I don’t really have that thought or worry of being a female apprentice…”
Jasmine Cliff, 3rd year electrical apprentice