2018 Apprentice of the year winners

1300apprentice recognises our outstanding Apprentices and Trainees for 2018

Each year, the judging panel reviews all applications for our annual awards and is impressed by the high work ethic, skills and extra commitment that our apprentices and trainees display. Once again, it was difficult to come to a final decision. Many of the participants in the 2018 awards were nominated by their Host employer and Field Officer due to going above and beyond in their work role, displaying enthusiasm and professionalism beyond expectations. Each person nominated has made an outstanding contribution to their Host employer’s business and the team they work with.

We would also like to thank all of those apprentices and trainees who entered our awards – you have all reached exceptional levels in your chosen career and you have reason to be proud of the skills and experience you have that will propel you successfully into your future career goals.

To our host employers, these awards would not be possible without your commitment and dedication to the Vocational Education & Training industry. Thank you for your enduring support and the opportunities you provide to the apprentices and trainees.

All of us at 1300apprentice thank MEGT Australian Apprenticeship Support Network for their generous support of the 1300apprentice Awards for 2018.

WINNER – Apprentice of the Year in the category of Engineering
Nathan Crawshaw

Nathan has proven to be an outstanding apprentice and a valuable employee for his Host employer and their business. From the start of his apprenticeship, Nathan has committed to learning extra skills to broaden his knowledge base. The extra TAFE courses that he undertook in his own time included two Certificate IVs which required Nathan to travel from the Southern Highlands to Ultimo TAFE two nights a week. Since completing these and his Certificate III trade qualification, he has undertaken a Diploma of Engineering (Advanced Level) in his quest for continuous improvement and learning. And he also achieved early completion of his apprenticeship.

This commitment to his career has made Nathan stand out as an exemplary apprentice, with outstanding skills in a massive skills shortage field. He is our Apprentice of the Year.

WINNER – Trainee of the Year in the category of Surveying and Spatial Information Services
Connan McRae

Surveying is a career that is experiencing a huge skills shortage and always looking for young people to learn, study and move through the ranks. Connan commenced his traineeship at the very young age of 15 and showed a maturity beyond his years. Surveying is a two-year traineeship which Connan successfully completed in just 12 months. Connan now has full time employment with his Host employer and working alongside his supervisors, is setting up a variety of complex projects around the country.

Nathan Crawshaw

Nathan works in an industry that has a higher than usual risk for injuries in the workplace, but throughout his apprenticeship from start to finish, Nathan has not sustained a single injury.

His Host employer puts this down to Nathan following the instructions put in place to protect, never taking shortcuts in his work, wearing PPE at all times and not rushing at the expense of his safety or compromising the safety of others. Throughout his employment and noted in mentoring sessions, his workplace was always in order and clean, an important requirement when it comes to safety.

Nathan’s commitment to safety through correct process and care is to be highly commended and is an excellent ambassador for safe work practices.

WINNER – Trainee of the Year in the category of Business
Shivani Reddy

Shivani works in the demanding industry of mortgage broking. This industry requires absolute accuracy without fail and usually in a fast paced environment dealing with many stakeholders. Shivani willingly took on all the challenges that would be daunting to many new entrant workers and has not only excelled in her duties, but ensured a harmonious work environment and enjoyable workplace.
Shivani has become an invaluable member of the office team and was rewarded with being offered a full-time role when her traineeship completed.

WINNER – Trainee of the Year in the category of Transport and Logistics
Alison Shepherd

Alison commenced her traineeship and within a short time, showed skills to her Host employer that resulted in her being promoted to a Despatch Supervisor role. On receiving this promotion, Alison showed her Host employer that he had made the correct decision as she now comes into work earlier to prepare for the day, does all the final checks on items leaving the warehouse to ensure they meet company standards and has reduced errors to zero.
Alison will be early completing her traineeship and will be offered full-time employment with her Host employer.

WINNER – Apprentice of the Year in the category of Horticulture
Jaydn Falkiner

Jaydn undertook an apprenticeship in Landscape Construction due to his love of working outdoors and having the opportunity to transform, build and construct an area for people to relax and enjoy. He enjoys seeing the positive impact of his work.
Jaydn has been given the responsibility of looking after both labour hire employees on site and training and guiding other apprentices. He successfully completed his TAFE studies with credits and distinctions and was nominated for the LNA Master Landscaping Awards for Apprentice of the Year. Jaydn will early complete and be offered a full-time role with his Host employer.

WINNER – Apprentice of the Year in the category of Automotive
Arren Dwyer

Arren commenced his apprenticeship in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology and four months into his apprenticeship, his Host employer recognised him as the best apprentice they had ever worked with. Due to both his attitude and ability he was given roles that were usually given to qualified mechanics.
Arren’s TAFE teachers commented that he is always top of the class, reflected by the 100% marks for all subjects and that he completed his apprenticeship in 2.5 years instead of the usual 4.
Arren accepted full-time employment with his Host employer.

WINNER – 3rd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Horticulture Category
Shannon Richards

Shannon has gained a great variety of experience with her Host employer in both commercial and residential work. At every opportunity she has taken on extra training courses to widen her knowledge furthering her career. Shannon’s commitment to her job shows in her work ethic – Shannon always arrives to work on time even though it takes 1.5 hours each way, every day

WINNER – 3rd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Electrotechnology Category
Mitchell Clarson

Mitchell continues to excel with his career and will possibly early complete up to one year ahead. Mitchell has always ensured his e-profiling is up to date, has passed all TAFE requirements and is now ready to sit his capstone exam. Mitchell is now mentoring the new apprentices on site and shows great leadership skills.


2nd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Engineering
Luke Mitchell

Luke’s Host employer commented that Luke thinks like a tradesman and has supervisors all requesting that Luke work on their sites.
2nd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Horticulture
Christianne Cordier

Christianne’s Host employer is already using some of her designs. She has a drive and enthusiasm to take on extra training to progress her career.

2nd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Building & Construction
Javieson Pretila

Javieson’s Host has noted that he already displays an outstanding knowledge of his work and always arrives early to work to check on all materials and requirements for the day.

2nd year Apprentice High Achiever Award – Signage
Samantha Chalmers

Samantha’s Host employer has told us that she is one of the best apprentices they have ever had. She was using all of the equipment within the first month and is excelling at TAFE.

1st year Apprentice Above and Beyond Award – Building & Construction
Patrick Glenfield

Patrick displays outstanding commitment to his trade and Host employer.

1st year Trainee Above and Beyond Award – Information Technology
Michael Donohue

Michael has achieved outstanding results in his studies.

Special Mention
Achievement Award for outstanding Commitment and Dedication in Business
Bree Crouch
Madeline Goncalves

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