A boilermakers journey

Mathew Brown, 1st year boilermaker

Hi, when did you start your apprenticeship? Hi! My name is Mathew and I started with 1300apprentice eight weeks ago with my host company, and I am learning to be a boiler maker.

What have you learnt so far? I have discovered there are so many aspects of this trade and different types of work tasks which I do. So far I have been wire wheeling (grinder); panning; cutting on the band saw; drilling; driving the truck with deliveries. Here I am using a Magdrill (Magnetic Drilling).

magnetic drilling operator

I’m happy every day.

What’s it like day to day? The team I work with are motivating me to learn more. I am developing new skills and understanding the processes of the basic tasks from the team.

I am waiting to commence TAFE midyear and I am looking forward to meeting other apprentices in the same trade. 

Are you wanting to start your journey, see our apprenticeship pages to learn more about this trade or the jobs board for applying now.

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