Retail Nursery Apprenticeship

Nurture your career in the horticulture industry and watch your prospects grow with one of Australia’s leading retail nursery apprenticeship programs

With wide-spanning bushland, sparkling coastlines and unique species of flora, it’s no wonder we are a plant-loving nation. Inspire and help others create tranquil green spaces inside or outside their home as a horticulture nursery assistant.

Learn how to look after various types of garden life and raise your nursery’s plants to maturity, to grow beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees and ferns that people will want to have in their own garden.

1300apprentice offers full training, guidance and support through our retail nursery apprenticeships. Get paired with a host employer, learn through classroom and on the job training, and finish your certificate iii in retail nursery, all while also earning an income. Over 2000 apprentices and trainees have completed our programs and found real outcomes at work.

About our Retail Nursery Apprenticeship

The 1300apprentice program for Retail Nursery Apprenticeship covers all the foundations you need to learn to work as a garden labourer or a horticulture nursery assistant. As an apprentice, this program offers both learning and working under supervision to earn as you learn.

At the completion of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify different types of plant life
  • Assist gardeners with planting or replanting shrubs, trees and flowers
  • Prepare attractive visual plant displays to attract customers
  • Help customers with understanding plant garden requirements
  • Maintain all the plants and gardens within the nursery

You will also be able to attain your certificate in Retail Nursery, which will allow you to complete further development such as in production nursery or diploma of horticulture down the road.

Who are we looking for?

To succeed in this role, you need to like plants and enjoy working outdoors and dealing with people. Working as a garden labourer can also demand a lot of walking, standing and planting therefore the candidate should also be physically fit.

For Employers

You can find additional support for your retail nursery by hiring a retail nursery apprentice through 1300apprentice. Our program takes away the work of screening and vetting candidates, with a high quality pool of students who are ready and passionate to work. We provide full support, and you get the final choice of the candidate of those we already recommend as an excellent fit for your place of work.

We provide opportunities to a vast array of candidates, with women, mature-aged students, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our candidate pools.

Why Choose 1300apprentice?

1300apprentice has helped connect thousands of students to work through apprenticeships or traineeships. Partnering with 1300apprentice is easy, no matter whether you are a student or an employer; we take care of the wages, allowances, annual leave, TAFE/RTO fees, as well as WHS/PPE and mentoring & support.

Letting you stay focused on learning, growing and running your business.

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Mature age apprentices

We understand that there can be some challenges of undertaking an apprenticeship as an adult so would like to give you as much information as possible to help you make the right decision.

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Out of trade apprentices

We understand that at times your employer can no longer maintain your employment or sometimes you need a new employer to gain further experience in the industry.