Chad’s blog 4 – Phone calls

Here we are now with Part 4 of our recruitment blog. If you thought all the previous steps were important, this one is even more so. You’ve now put your application in and are waiting for that phone call from a prospective employer. There are many things to consider here and unfortunately, a lot of candidates don’t have any idea of what to say or how to approach this. Let’s again lay things out simply and take you through it all.

Firstly, something you should do when you are applying for jobs is to take note of the ones you have applied for. So many times applicants cannot recall what job a particular employer is calling about because they haven’t kept track of their applications. There is nothing more embarrassing than this when an employer calls. Make a diary of the companies or agencies you have applied to, job titles and the dates you have made the applications. This way you can show a prospective employer that you are on the ball and again, are taking a serious and professional approach to finding a job.

When you are in “job hunting” mode, it is also important to ensure that your contact details are up to date. Ensure that your phone has a voice mail to take a message if you cannot answer. If a message is not left you will not know who has called and you are not likely to return a call in this situation. I know it costs money to put a voice mail on your phone but it is a worthwhile investment if it helps land you a job.

If you do miss a call and there is a voice mail message left from an employer ring back as quickly as you can. If you wait too long to return the call, the employer may have found someone else and you could miss out!

Do not assume you know the person who is calling. I’ve had this on many occasions and have heard some interesting ways that people answer the phone. Plenty of “Yo! and Yeah! And even swearing has come across the phone. When you have applied for jobs you have to expect every incoming call has come from an employer and you need to treat it as such. Remember that word, professionalism.

Be prepared to tell a prospective employer what interests you about this job and why you think it would suit you. Speak clearly at all times and treat it as a face to face interview.

You should also be enthusiastic over the phone and show that you are keen to come in for an interview and show what you can do. Never answer the phone if you have just woken up or in any other situation where you may not be at your best.

With the legislation for drivers today and mobile phones it is not recommended that you answer the phone while driving. Even if you have a hands free unit it is very difficult to concentrate on driving a car and doing a phone screen interview at the same time. Simply let the phone go to voicemail and call back as quickly as you can.

If all goes well and you are offered an interview, accept enthusiastically, unless you have realized it is a job that will not suit you. If this is the case, be honest and say so.

If you are happy to come in for an interview, make sure you take down all the relevant details if they are not being emailed to you. Ensure you have the company address, contact person, time, date and website so you can do research. Repeat the details back to ensure you have everything. Politely thank the employer for the call and the opportunity for an interview. Remember it is not a right but a privilege to be chosen for an interview.

If something crops up between this point and the interview and you cannot make the appointment, ring the employer immediately and explain the situation. Be honest though, if you have been offered another job say so, more than likely the employer will understand.

Congratulations! You have now been accepted for an interview and ready for the next stage in the job hunting process. Stay tuned for my next blog on researching and preparing for that interview!

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