Demystifying traineeships – Part II

So maybe you think that traineeships don’t apply to you. Well think again. A traineeship is an option available to most industries. Part II of Demystifying Traineeships covers a broad range of industry sectors that offer traineeship programs.

Traineeships apply to both blue and white collar industries. For instance, trainees can be placed in industries such as floristry, the health sector such as dental assistants or pathology, or community services such as childcare. Other options include animal care and management, IT or Transport & Logistics (Warehouse), or business or even demolition in the building and construction industry. The list goes on.

At the end of the day, the right option, whether that is a traineeship or an apprenticeship, comes down to your unique set of requirements and weighing up the pros and cons of both programs. It is worth asking the question and at 1300apprentice we are more than happy to guide you through both options. For more information please contact Samantha Leet on 9715 7344 or 0418 441 570.

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