Duty of care policy and workbook

Training Services NSW have resources for host employers to ensure they understand how to keep the next generation of apprentices safe in the workplace.


The Department of Education information for employers is to help understand and practice their duty of care for a young worker under their guidance, see the flyer for more information.

Duty of Care

Ensuring young apprentices/trainees stay safe at work 

“You must take reasonable care to ensure your workplace and the people in it are safe from injury and health risks. If you identify a likely risk of harm, it is your legal obligation to address it. You should minimise or eliminate risk by providing support, instruction, training, and on-going appropriate supervision. Your inaction is a breach of your duty of care.”

On a side note, teenagers do not process risk accurately until mid 20s (depending on experiences):  In a teens’ brain, the connections between the emotional part of the brain and the decision-making center are still developing—and not always at the same rate. This brain remodelling happens intensively during adolescence, continuing until your child is in their mid-20s. Brain change depends on age, experience and hormonal changes. (raisingchildren.net.au)

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Supervising your Apprentice/Trainee Workbook

 A guide for workplace supervisors

“Well trained and effective employees are more important than ever for business success. Having a team with the right skills allows businesses to meet the challenges of competition, growth and innovation. Whether the organisation decides to extend the skills of existing staff or to recruit new employees, the business will benefit from apprenticeship and traineeship programs.”

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This information is offered by NSW Government Department of Education.

If you are wanting more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our WHS manager or your field officer.

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