Why do an apprenticeship/ traineeship

VET (Vocational Education & Training) pathways for apprentices/ trainees are a way to earn and learn on the job in a huge range of vocations, There are 100's of choices!, see our most popular vocations listed below.

For school leavers, the National Careers Institute offers a plethora of information about education, training and work.

And why?... see the Words of wisdom from the 1300apprentice Awards winners below.

Find us at major events or through your school careers day

We’d like to see you face-to-face, so if we miss you, we’d love to give you our information required to help you on your way into your chosen career. Scroll through an assortment of information we think you’d like to know from us.

When do the major career expos present?

Mid year is when most careers expos are scheduled, we will be attending various jobs expos like the #HSCCareersexpo, so come and see us to talk through your aspirations.

Trade expos also occur throughout the year, ask us how to take on an apprentice at your business! For dates, see the Expo events page and our social pages, Facebook and Instagram as well as LinkedIN.

Our popular vocations 2023/24

Engineering, horticulture, business… see our list.

Words of wisdom

From 1300apprentice Award winners 2023:

What advice would you give to someone else looking to follow the same pathway?

“Making sure you always speak up when you’re unsure on how to do something, everyone understands you are there to learn there is no pressure to be perfect straight away.

“You have the opportunity to work with people who have been in the industry for years, take advantage of the situation and learn as much as possible. They’re always happy to share what they have learned during their time.

“Any apprenticeship is a valuable opportunity, and what you make of it can lead to remarkable achievements.

Information for parents

There is a plethora of information online, here is one website that sums up information for parents on the Helping high school students choose a career page by National Skills Week in 2022.

“It takes a little bit of guidance, research and experience in the field to uncover the right career path.”

Cara Jenkin

Career quiz

Wondering what skills you have and which career could be yours?

Try the Year13 career quiz, Youra. It takes only a few minutes and is really insightful into your personal career options.

Job Fit Test, SkillsRoad
A tool designed to help you understand your work readiness and suitability for specific jobs. Evaluate your skills & select career options to find your fit.