Manufacturing success

Despite the negativity around the future of Australian manufacturing at present, there are still businesses and young people coming through the apprenticeship program that is looking to keep Australian manufacturing alive.

1300apprentice is a group training organisation located in Burwood with divisions in Wollongong and Canberra. Across all three divisions, 1300apprentice employs close to 300 apprentices and trainees across NSW and the ACT with many of these apprentices based in western Sydney. In addition to employing apprentices and trainees on their host’s behalf, 1300apprentice also offers recruitment services and a labour-hire service to employers searching for employment solutions.

Two apprentices who have recently started their apprenticeships are Jesse Hewson and Andrew Prakash. Both apprentices are completing Automotive (VehicleBodyBuilding) apprenticeships with Amplus Group who specialise in the design and manufacturing of custom truck bodies.

Jesse began his career by completing a pre-apprenticeship course where he excelled and impressed all who worked with him. Jesse received glowing feedback from his TAFE teacher and later on his work placement host, Amplus Group, who then employed him as an apprentice.  Andrew commenced his apprenticeship shortly after Jesse and is already excelling.

Recently Jesse has been awarded the ‘golden nuts’ which he received to reward excellence in the workplace.

Jesse takes great pride in his work, and the most rewarding part of his apprenticeship is finishing a job on time and being able to stand back and look at what he has contributed to.  Jesse said “I chose to do an apprenticeship because I enjoy working with my hands and I didn’t feel university was for me. At Amplus, I work with a great group of people who are always happy to help me learn new skills. I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship so far because I’m always learning new things and that is exactly what I was looking for”.

Andrew said “what I like most about working for Amplus is that they’re a really fair employer and a really good group of people. Working here I’m learning new things every day and gaining experience. This is why I chose the apprenticeship pathway so that I can work with my hands and build my skill set. The most rewarding part of this job is being able to look at a project we have been working on when it’s complete – knowing that I played a part in building it.”

It’s clear that learning new skills, the hands-on work and the support these young apprentices have received are key drivers of their success.

Amplus Group and 1300apprentice are both dedicated to youth up-skilling, especially in a time when Australia’s manufacturing future is under pressure.  Amplus Group and 1300apprentice continue to provide apprentices with the opportunity to grow their skill set to provide a future for Australian manufacturing.

If you are looking for an apprentice or interested in finding out more about the pre-apprentice courses we are currently holding in electrical, air conditioning, and metals contact 1300apprentice on 9715 7344.

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