McBurneys business trainees

Erin, Caitlin & Quyen are business trainees with 1300apprentice. Read about how they’re going with their commencement and completion stages with host employer McBurneys in Sydney CBD.

I spoke with the trainees to hear how they thought a business traineeship worked for them.

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First up, I wanted to know how they began their career journey.

What led you to a traineeship?

What led me to do this traineeship was I wanted to get a new job, I wasn’t sure. My best friend was doing a traineeship and she encouraged me to do a business one because she thought I’d do well in that. I didn’t believe myself as much, but she did, so I trusted her, and here I am. (Caitlin)

I want to start something new and get myself out of my comfort zone and just try to experience in a new workplace environment instead of a fast paced environment (I was in retail and I was in fast food). I want to work in the office environment. (Quyen)

What led me to this traineeship was I was in my last few years of high school and the teachers are always saying to you, “you know, what are you doing at uni”, “where you going to uni” and it didn’t feel right for me to just pick a uni course for something that I didn’t know.

This is definitely what I want to do, so I was keen to just go out and work somewhere instead of just going to uni and taking that route for something I didn’t know. (Erin)

And how did you find out about 1300apprentice?

I went looking online and I came across a traineeship, and I thought that, you know, that might be a really good way to start something, do a bit of study and a bit of work at the same time.

And I applied, did a few interviews, and found this place and came through 1300apprentice, and that’s pretty much how I kind of got into the traineeship. (Erin)

Secondly, is the course and job what you expected?

So this is my first office environment, my first office job, which was a bit daunting going into it at first but now that I’ve actually started everyone’s super welcoming. I’ve learned a lot.

“There’s so many opportunities…”

It’s a completely different area of skills and I’m still learning something every day and I think it’s a really good way to develop. There’s so many opportunities I can get from here when I finish my traineeship and during it as well.

Yeah, it was a bit of a big adjustment having to make my way to the city every day but it’s a bit of fun, good sightseeing. Everyone’s getting in at the same time, living at the same time, so that’s a bit tricky. That’s probably one con, but I’m really grateful to work in such a central area as well. It’s really good. (Caitlin)

The (cert III) coursework was super helpful to help me develop some skills while working in the office as well. I was able to learn some business practices and it really helped me develop my skills, answering the phone and typing. (Quyen)

This course has given me a lot of personal growth within six months of the course I’ve moved from reception to Client Services co-ordinator, which really allowed me to have a lot of growth in that space. Once finishing (my cert III), I’ve now been employed under the company and I’ve done another six months in my current role. It’s helped me grow so much that I’ve now been offered a new job, with another company for another step up again. So I’ve just been able to further my career. (Erin)

Lastly your experience with 1300apprentice, can you tell me how it worked for you?

One thing I liked about 1300apprentice was how friendly and welcoming everyone was as well during my interview, when I went in for my induction you really made me feel like it was just for my benefit and just helping my development and my choices and making sure I was comfortable and happy and I had options and that’s something I really appreciated. (Caitlin)

I really liked 1300apprentice because it felt so easy to integrate into this role. Everyone felt really welcoming throughout the whole process, through the interview, signing up to the course as well. It made everything very seamless and it was really good to have someone to check in with throughout the year to get some feedback and not just kind of be, you know, lost in the wild throughout the whole year in a new environment, not really knowing what’s going on. So yeah, it was really nice, safe, happy process. (Erin)

“it was really nice, safe, happy process…”

Yeah especially if it’s your first office job or, you know, whatever field or course someone’s chosen, I think no matter what, they work well with whatever company or workplace and the student. They work together to make sure they are a good match and they actually care. (Caitlin)

Our field officers are your mentors, how is that going for you?

1300apprentice was a lot more supportive. They did weekly check-ups and that’s what I really liked about 1300apprentice compared to my previous traineeship because they didn’t provide much guidance. (Quyen)

You’re in a unique position with this host employer, with three trainees at different learning stages. Caitlin you’re the newest here, how is it going?

OK, I definitely look up to Erin as a role model. I think she’s a really good example of where you can go and develop from the traineeship.

And she’s a best outcome sort of thing, so I definitely can see myself following her footsteps. I think she’s made a really good future for herself. (Caitlin)

“learn and work at the same time…”

And with this traineeship, we’re able to learn and work at the same time, it’s good. (Quyen)

How’s the pay, does it go far?

With a traineeship we can get a travel concession* card. Yeah, that’s really helpful. (Quyen)

I think in the first week I was bankrupt. I bought a $10 coffee downstairs last week. Iced coffee $10!! (Caitlin)

So how is the travel each day?

My first week or two I spent so much money because it’s like $16 a day just for the train. I was spending $16 plus I have to get to the station, get home. So concession is really good, it’s like half price, I think it’s a $25 cap each week. (Caitlin)

*All active apprentice/trainees are eligible for a Transport Concession Card. See details and apply online Service NSW.

Thanks everyone, so glad to hear the traineeships are working well for each of you.

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