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1300apprentice are primarily a Group Training Organisation, that partner with businesses and individuals for the duration of the training term through the group training model, but at the same time, we recognise that this model doesn’t suit every business.

With this in mind, we have built upon our range of services and are now placing an emphasis on a fee for service recruitment, labour hire and temp as well as monitoring/mentoring. These services are a breakdown of everything that falls under the group training package, service as an individual element.

Our care factor and quality of service will be aligned with our current service benchmarks. Below is a little more info on each service and what benefits your business stands to gain by using us as the provider.

  1. Fee for service recruitment
    Our fee for service recruitment service has been developed to assist employers with recruiting the best talent to fit into their workplace. 1300apprentice have over 27 years of recruitment experience, specialising in recruiting school leavers for apprenticeship and traineeship roles.
    Over this time we have learnt what key qualities to look for when recruiting young people for junior roles such as attitude and their aptitude for the particular role. When recruiting for apprenticeship and traineeships experience is something a lot of our candidates don’t have. Typically it is their first full-time job, so knowing what to look for, especially when you’re not using a group training provider you have to be even more cautious when hiring your next apprentice or trainee. Generation Y are notoriously hard to retain as an employee, and with a larger proportion being attracted to university and post-school study outside of the workplace, finding the best quality candidates is becoming harder every year. As a GTO, our experience has been used to increase our efficiency in recruiting and retaining young talent that fits your business both culturally and professionally.
  2. Labour hire & temping
    Our labour hire and temping service again build upon our experience with group training. We offer competitive rates and have many years experience with short-term recruitment of employees within the manufacturing, horticulture and warehousing industries as well as providing administration workers and general labourers. Over the years we have learnt that when a host contacts us needing an apprentice, trainee or temporary staff member, they need them as soon as possible in most instances. Labour hire and temping typically require even shorter turn around times to fill the void left by another employee who is sick or on leave. We also recognise the risks involved with labour hire and temping contractors when hired directly by your business. By using 1300apprentice for your labour hire and temping needs, we take on the employment risk in the case of most WH&S claims and will only put forward candidates to your business that we feel don’t pose any risk to damaging your business or its reputation.
  3. Monitoring & mentoring
    Another service we offer that stems from our group training arm is the mentoring and monitoring of apprentice and trainees. This service involves monitoring your apprentice’s attendance to TAFE or equivalent Registered Training Organisation and how they are progressing through their study. We also monitor how they are performing in the workplace to assist with increasing productivity by addressing any concerns or issues that may be affecting your employee, be it professional or personal. 1300apprentice can also step in when an employee requires counselling and act as a mediator to protect the professional relationship you share with your employee. 1300apprentice believe our ability to effectively monitor and mentor our own apprentices and trainees is our key strength that separates us from our competitors and results in increased productivity, moral and retention of employees. This service compliments our fee for service recruitment for employers that want the benefits of the group training model but would rather directly employ a trainee or apprentice.

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