PPE checklist

I know we all groan about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but we all need to be reminded that PPE is there to protect you from harm in the workplace. So, now that we are in the new year this serves as a timely reminder to check your gear and replace it if it is getting old, or make sure you have the basic items in your work bag. If you need some extra supplies please contact your field officer so supplies can be delivered promptly.

To make this segment a little more interesting we decided to have some fun with our WH&S Manager and get him to dress up in our PPE stock to demonstrate what you should have in your kit bag. 

Here are the basics: 

  • Head – hard hat, hard hat attachment required when working on construction sites that require head protection or a wide-brimmed hat to protect from the sun
  • Eyes – safety glasses both clear or tinted
  • Hands – riggers gloves
  • Ears – ear muffs
  • Mouth/nose – dust masks or respirators if necessary
  • Feet – steel cap boots are a must. Don’t forget we reimburse on presentation of the original receipt the cost of your boots to the value of $65.00
  • Other clothing – includes a fluorescent safety vest, long pants and shirts or jumpers and jackets in winter
  • Protection from the sun – sunscreen

Other equipment is supplied relevant to the industry. Please speak to your field officer for any special requirements.

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