Pre-apprenticeship success – Michael Buddee, Robert Guyer & Jesse Hewson

This month we are profiling some of our pre-apprentices that participated in the fitting and machining/fabrication pre-apprenticeship program which ran from March to May 2011. Upon completing work placement trials, Michael, Robert and Jesse have all been offered apprenticeships as a result of their participation in the program and their efforts during the week of work placement.

A pre-apprenticeship program provides participants with the opportunity to develop their skills, gain knowledge and experience in their chosen industry before committing to a four-year apprenticeship. Whilst completing the course, participants are required to complete a range of units that involve practical workplace skills, WH&S practices, literacy and numeracy skills and a 40-hour work placement.

The work placement is the final component of the pre-apprenticeship course and is aimed to provide the course participants with the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in an industry setting.

Michael Buddee gained a 1st-year boilermaker position as a result of his hard work throughout the pre-apprenticeship program and work placement. When asked how Michael felt the pre-apprenticeship course helped him with gaining an apprenticeship, Michael said: “the pre-apprenticeship course provided me with the skills and confidence to perform my best during the work placement, which is what led to the host offering me an apprenticeship”.

When we asked Jesse Hewson what he liked most about the pre-apprenticeship program and working in the manufacturing industry he said: “what I liked most about the pre-apprenticeship program and now working as an apprentice is getting to meet new people and learning more about working with metals and the manufacturing industry on a whole”.

Robert Guyer, a 1st-year apprentice who has recently completed the pre-apprenticeship program and commenced his apprenticeship as result of his hard work and dedication had this simple piece of advice for anyone looking to start an apprenticeship in the manufacturing industry, “Call 1300apprentice”.

Congratulations to all who have recently completed the pre-apprenticeship program and well done on completing the course.

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