Preparation for interviews

How do you make a good impression and feel confident in an interview? Below are some tips to help you prepare for that important interview.

  • Do your homework – research the company and also know everything about the trade or qualification you are interested in
  • First impressions count – be punctual
  • Take pride in your appearance – dress appropriately – no torn jeans, bare midriffs or thongs
  • Big no no – don’t chew gum in your interview and turn your mobile phone off
  • Greet people in a friendly manner – shake hands and remember to smile
  • Be attentive to what people are saying – listen carefully
  • You’re not expected to be experienced – but that you will learn to become an experienced worker
  • Answer questions with as much information as you can – answers such as a simple “yes”, “no” or “maybe” are not enough
  • Show your interest in the position – ask questions
  • End the interview by thanking the interviewer for their time – shake hands and leaving confidently
  • Practice makes perfect – practice typical interview type questions with a family member or friend.

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