Recruitment tip – Dressing for an interview

“First impressions are the best impressions”.

There’s a lot of truth to this saying and it definitely applies to a job interview. Even if you are going for an apprenticeship where you will get your hands dirty all day, the same job interview rules apply when it comes to your presentation.

Maybe a suit and tie, or business clothes are a little too much for an apprenticeship interview, however, every effort should be made to dress neatly. A nice collared shirt, dress trousers and black shoes are a good choice. Young ladies who are applying for apprenticeships should dress as neatly and conservatively as possible. Employers don’t want to see t-shirts, ripped or torn jeans, sneakers, baseball caps, low cut tops or too much makeup or jewellery. For office roles, suit and tie or corporate clothing are an absolute must!

Being well groomed is also essential in all interview situations – you must be clean, wear deodorant, have neat tidy hair and fresh breath.

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