Skilling Australia

There is still a considerable skills shortage in Australia and a genuine need for all of us to take action. Is this something you feel passionate about? Do you feel a responsibility to individuals (and as part of the business community) to support your country by encouraging young people to enter a trade or traineeship?

The apprenticeship and traineeship system plays a crucial role in building Australia’s skills base. Better skilled workers have better job prospects which make the economy more productive.

The good news is, the apprenticeship/traineeship system works to help YOU to help young people to enter the workforce. When employing a new employee, why would you not take advantage of this formal training process? Your new worker is employed by us and trained to receive full qualifications which means they quickly add real value to your business with very little outlay or risk to you.

There is a great deal of personal satisfaction and real power in the possibilities you have to positively influence a young person’s life like getting them started on an apprenticeship/traineeship. We would like to hear what your opinion is on this issue as we have found it is one many people are passionate about. 

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