The importance of a resume

As a recruiter, I have a large number of applicants who send me resumes that are poorly set out, full of spelling and grammatical errors and employment information that is vague or incomplete. Not enough emphasis is placed on the importance of a resume when someone is searching for employment and it seems to be more the case in the pursuit of apprenticeships.

When you are applying for an apprenticeship you still need to take a professional approach even though you may not have a great deal of experience. Employers receive hundreds of resumes per day and they do not have the time to read each one thoroughly, so they will only contact those applicants whose resumes are easy to read and show relevant information relating to the job.

Your resume is what you use to introduce yourself to an employer. It is like a key, unlocking that door and letting you into the employer’s world.

Let us take a look at the basic mistakes people make with resumes:

  1. Spelling/Grammar
    This is so important. If you cannot get this right even with spell-check available, your resume will look sloppy and the employer will assume that this is how your work performance will be. Get someone to proof read it for you.
  2. Employment Dates
    If you are vague about your employment dates, the employer will think you are hiding something. Putting just the year down for a job does not tell the employer how long you were there for and if they cannot determine this easily, your resume may be bypassed. You will not be expected to put the exact dates but certainly, the month and year should be included.
  3. Job Duties
    It is important for you to list the duties involved in your previous jobs so that the employer can decide if they are relevant to the job. Leaving this section blank again gives the employer the opportunity to bypass your resume. When listing the duties of your previous jobs it is much better to list them using bullet points. This section also includes volunteering or any experience to a task.
  4. No Resume attached?
    It is unbelievable how many people apply for jobs with no resume attached. Any job you apply for online or from print advertising must include a resume. There are no exceptions. If you don’t have one then you need to build one. You will not get past the front door with any reputable employer without a resume.
  5. Unprofessional Email Addresses
    If you include an email address in your resume, please make sure it is a professional one. Professional email addresses usually are for example or similar.
  6. Correct Personal Information
    There is nothing more frustrating for an employer when they telephone your number only to find it is incorrect. Double and triple check the numbers and details you provide. You will not get anywhere if an employer cannot contact you.

If you can get these six areas right you will have a higher chance of getting an employer to notice you. And once you get an employer to notice you, you then have a much better chance of landing that dream job.

Good luck in your search for employment. It can be a harrowing road to travel but if you keep things simple and follow the basic rules, you will find it a pleasant experience.

By Chad Smith, Senior Recruitment Officer 1300apprentice.

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