Trade spotlight – Business trainee, Sarah Felettigh

It’s always a good sign when a host employer believes in their trainee or apprentice so much that they wish to invest in their future.

This trade spotlight shines on the trainee, Sarah Felettigh. Though traineeships span many job types, Sarah’s traineeship represents the classic administration traineeship.

Her host employer RSM Bird Cameron Partners are happy with her progress and have provided further opportunities for her development by sending her on a two-day insolvency course run by the Insolvency Practitioners of Australia.

Richard Stone, her supervisor, said “this course is in addition to the certificate course that forms part of Sarah’s traineeship, but she has demonstrated a real interest in her role and our business and so this course will allow her to understand insolvency better. We couldn’t be happier.”

On traineeships, Sarah says “so far my traineeship has really allowed me to develop my administrative skills. It has opened my eyes and I love the environment where I work and the opportunity to do some further relevant study on the industry.”

A NOTE ON TRAINEESHIPS: Whereas most apprenticeships commence at the end of the calendar year or the beginning of the new year to coincide with TAFE enrolment, traineeships are flexible and can start at any time.

If you think you may have a trainee position available but you are not quite sure, Samantha Leet from our office would be more than happy to visit and talk to you about how to tailor a program to suit the job you have available. Email Sam or call 1300apprentice (1300 277 736).

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