Trade spotlight – Certificate III Business traineeship

This month we are looking at the Certificate III Business traineeship, how flexible this traineeship is and the value it offers to both employers and trainees. We also have several Certificate III Business traineeship vacancies at present. 

A Certificate III Business traineeship is completed over a 12 month period and is a very flexible qualification. This qualification can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business or workplace, as there is only one core unit with the remaining 11 units being electives chosen to suit your workplace.

Here at our office in Burwood we currently have one Certificate III Business trainee working at our reception. Ebony is in the 3rd month of her traineeship and has been progressing extremely well. Of her units, so far Ebony’s favourites have been the units that look at business and text documents as it has opened her eyes to how intricate the software and methods for creating these documents are. Eventually Ebony would like to progress to uni study possibly studying psychology. The foundation skills taught through her traineeship will help with time management, document presentation and organising uni to fit in with work. There is also the possibility of using the business background to move into organisational psychiatry further down the track.

From a study point of view, the natural progression for this would be to complete a Certificate IV, Diploma and then apply through UAC to gain entry into a university. When asked why Ebony chose the traineeship pathway, she replied with “I wanted to study and I want to continue studying once I have completed my Certificate III Business, but I also wanted to work and earn money at the same time. Completing a traineeship offered me both the opportunity to study and work at the same time and, I walk away with practical skills and experience.”

In our office, we also have two trainees who have recently completed Certificate III in Business traineeships and are now continuing with Certificate IV Business traineeships. One of those trainees Nicole is now working with our recruitment team as a Recruitment Officer and is the perfect example of what you can achieve through the traineeship pathway.

Nicole was originally employed as our receptionist but early in her traineeship was moved into our Sales and Marketing team to assist there. In her new role, Nicole learnt a broad range of new skills before assisting as our receptionist again. Shortly after that, Nicole was asked to join the recruitment team where she has been for the past 12 months. Here Nicole has excelled and is now a vital part of our recruitment team. In February Nicole completed her certificate III in Business and is now 4 months into her Certificate IV in Business, which has been tailored to suit her new role. Her new training plan includes five human resources oriented units and a range of professional skills units. This flexibility means that we are able to provide Nicole with the training needed to really excel once she has completed her traineeship. From an employer point of view, you can identify what skills are needed in your workplace and then create a training plan for a trainee that will teach them the skills so that the areas lacking these skills will be addressed in line with your individual requirements.

From the Certificate III Business traineeship, there is the opportunity for a trainee to progress into a Certificate IV if the host employer wishes to do so. Trainees can also choose to study at night through TAFE or a similar educational institute. Once completed the Certificate IV there are opportunities to apply for University or move into a Diploma course, the world is your oyster!

So, after reading through this article and learning how flexible a Certificate III Business traineeship is and how much opportunity it offers both employers and employees, if you haven’t already done so, consider if there’s an opportunity to add a trainee in your workplace. For more information feel free to contact Rebecca Johnson on 0418 441 570 or send an email to

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