Trade spotlight – Electro technology

An Electrician is able to maintain electrical systems and equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. This includes installing, testing and connecting dwellings, offices etc. to the electricity grid. Skills that an apprentice electrician will learn include being able to interoperate wiring diagrams, the connection of wires to circuit breakers and fault finding using devices such as voltage metres and insulation resistance testers. Besides the obvious of installing lights and power points, Electricians also install electrical equipment such as water heaters, electrical signs, switchboards, motors and programmable logic controls (PLC) amongst many other tasks.

As an Electrician, you will not only be working within the areas of domestic, commercial & industrial, you may also progress into the areas of telecommunications, security systems, elevators, electronics & safety devices. 

An electrical apprenticeship is a four year apprenticeship and you will be required to complete a Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician which is a nationally recognised qualification.

To see what an electrical apprentice would be doing, take a look at this Department of Education & Training – State Training Services video:

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