Trade spotlight – Mechanical engineer, Namatjira Skuthorpe

This month we are spotlighting Namatjira Skuthorpe who is a 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering apprentice hosted by Breseight Engineering Pty Ltd.

Namatjira’s story is a little bit different from our normal apprentice stories. He is a maturely aged apprentice who decided after working as a Manager in Sales Support, to change his career direction and follow his passion. “I enjoyed the sales support role but I was looking for the right opportunity to develop my skills and I was also looking to complete a trade qualification which, in my view, would lead to further development and a career path,” Namatjira said.

This passion for mechanical engineering has seen Namatjira be accelerated in his TAFE course, and he has also enrolled in an additional TAFE course which runs two nights a week for a Diploma in Engineering.

Currently working as a second year apprentice with our host employer Breseight Engineering, Namatjira said that “Breseight is a great host employer and very supportive of my progress throughout this apprenticeship. The skills I am learning are setting me up for the future.”

Breseight Engineering’s Workshop Manager, Jason Ingram said “We are very pleased with Namatjira’s progress. He is working in an industry where there are fantastic opportunities available for apprentices like him who work hard and demonstrate their commitment.”

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