Tradies tools to talk


Tradies face a range of challenges across their working lives – from job uncertainty to financial pressures, intense physical demands and workplace culture issues. In an industry where stigma is high, these pressures can build up and impact mental and emotional wellbeing for tradies if they don’t feel they can talk to others about their struggles.

The R U OK? Tradies resources provide practical tools and tips for family, friends and workmates to spot the signs that someone on their work site may be struggling, to empower them to spark a meaningful R U OK? conversation and to help them find support if needed.

When we genuinely ask ‘Are you OK?’ and are prepared to talk to a mate about how they’re feeling we can help someone who might be struggling to feel connected and supported, long before they’re in crisis.

How to ask

R U OK? has developed resources to empower tradies with the knowledge and confidence to check in with a mate who might be doing it tough.

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