WH&S – Accidents do happen

We are proud to announce a drop in the level of WH&S incidents here at 1300apprentice. From the next issue of this newsletter, we will report a monthly tally to remind us of the continual need for attention to workplace safety. For any workplace incident or accident contact our WH&S Manager immediately.

We want to keep our great track record and avoid WH&S incidents. So, if there is one time of the year that accidents are more likely to happen it is now, as we enter the “silly season”. There is a need to take extra care to take responsibility for ourselves in the workplace and not allow work to be affected by the increase in celebrations and festivals you may attend.

Look after your health and your career!

Do not:

  • Drink excessive amounts of alcohol the night before work
  • Operate machinery when you are tired or intoxicated
  • Let sleep deprivation affect your concentration
  • Allow yourself to get dehydrated – especially when working outdoors
  • Let the effects of partying affect your mood and your ability to focus.

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