WH&S – Laceration injuries

Lacerations can occur for several reasons but the most common laceration type would be a cut. As you have probably experienced at some point throughout your life, cuts range from minor nicks through to large wounds that require emergency medical treatment.

For 1300apprentice, up until recently, lacerations have been our most frequently occurring injury amongst our employees. In early February we started supplying a new variety of gloves to our apprentices who are at a high risk of incurring laceration injuries. Since the introduction of these gloves, the occurrence of lacerations injuries has fallen 78.98% and the severity of the injury has fallen 93.11%. Statistics such as these prove that wearing the correct PPE all the time greatly reduces the frequency and severity of injuries. The gloves are an Ansell product and are made with Dyneema® fibres which are extremely strong.

For more information on anything WH&S related or if you require any addition PPE, please don’t hesitate to contact our WH&S Manager.

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