WH&S – manual handling tips

Know the rules and take the time to build up good habits around each and every task you do.

Here is a hit list of tips for you to keep the front of mind: 

  1. Determine any risk and what you will need to do to safely complete a task;
  2. Clear a pathway before you move something;
  3. Use proper equipment;
  4. Check weight. Never attempt to lift or carry loads you think are too heavy. Ask for help. Learn to lift as a team;
  5. Take frequent breaks;
  6. Take your time – injuries can happen when tasks are rushed;
  7. Lift with your knees bent, don’t stoop over an object, use the strength of your legs, hold objects close and tighten the stomach muscles;
  8. Warm up your muscles with gentle stretches before engaging in any manual work;
  9. Pushing loads (using your body weight to assist) will be less stressful on your body than pulling a load;
  10. Organise the work area to reduce the amount of bending, twisting and stretching required.

The most important tip for manual handling is to use your common sense.

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