Where are they now – Angus Paterson

Why did I want to get into ICT?
When I was around 8-10yrs my parents bought me a small laptop, like 1GB of RAM and a tiny processor, like it was useless but it wasn’t. I learnt most of my computer skills from that small laptop.

Although it was slow I still spent countless amounts of time understanding basic fundamentals of computers. As I progressed into high school I chose electives “Film Making and Media” and “3D Animation and Game Design” and my love for them grew more and more with every minute spent with a computer. As I progressed into my senior years and completing Industrial Technology Multimedia in high school, I knew I wanted to keep going.

So here I am doing work that I love to do whilst learning more and more everyday, an ICT is so broad that every day is never the same day.

Why did you choose to get into a traineeship?
There were multiple reasons why I chose a traineeship.

Once I completed my HSC I decided I did not want to go to University, I thought about traineeships and how getting on-the-job experience is far greater than more time in a classroom. Apart from being where I want to be and heading where I want to go, the next best part is I can learn at work the necessary skills to be in the industry and get paid at the same time.

Do you have any advice for people looking into ICT as a career?
The only advice I can provide is if this IS what you want to do, then go for it. A traineeship is the best learning experience and opportunity you will get.

The next best part is that you get paid to learn and get the relevant industry experience.

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