Where are they now – Daniella

Daniella Manessi, Horticulture: Parks and Gardens apprentice, completed at Ryde Council. My field officer was Lorraine Morris.

Since my time as an apprentice I have left Ryde council I have completed my diploma of Landscape Design in which I have obtained a position at Wisdom Pools and Landscapes as a junior Landscape Designer which has been a great opportunity and honour.

My apprenticeship did not only give me a trade but gave me an amazing edge as a landscape designer as not only knowing the design aspect but also the construction. When completing my certificate 3 in parks and gardens I learnt a lot of different plant species, turf species, maintenance and much more which has helped define my choice of plants for my designs as I understand the maintenance involved.

Ryde council was an excellent host employer as they not only helped me with Tafe work, but they gave me a lot of opportunity to do different tasks each day. I would recommend them to any apprentice which wants to be a parks and gardens apprentice as you will not only be treated expectantly well but will get the opportunity to learn as much as you put your mind to.

My favourite memory as an apprentice would have to be working with a great group of people which made it very enjoyable to go to work and to learn as much as I have. They always pushed me and gave me heaps of opportunity to grow and I don’t think I would be where I am today if I didn’t complete my apprenticeship with Ryde council.

I would say that sometimes Tafe can get challenging as you are a fulltime worker and you only go to Tafe one day a week. But if you really enjoy working outside, plants and want to be very active this is the job for you.

I see myself in 5 years still being a landscape designer but creating more advanced plans for clients which want to build new homes as Knock Down Rebuilds are being very popular. I also see myself growing throughout my current company in design which I hope I can achieve within these next 5 years.

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