Where are they now – David Baker

Why did you choose the Instrumentation & Control Apprenticeship?

I chose an instrumentation & control apprenticeship because I enjoyed working on computers/electronics and wanted an apprenticeship which I would enjoy doing.

What was the most challenging aspect of this trade?

The most challenging aspect of this trade is learning about complex control systems.

What was your best moment as an apprentice?

One of the best moments of my apprenticeship was when I was given a company car. With the car came greater responsibility and a chance to further develop my skills as I started to work more on my own.

What do you see as the benefits of completing an instrumentation & Control Apprenticeship?

The benefits of completing an instrumentation & control apprenticeship are that you are in a specialised industry and the skills that you gain are much greater than a traditional apprenticeship.

Since completing your apprenticeship, what’s changed?

Since completing my apprenticeship I’ve been given my own jobs, customers and projects, as when I was an apprentice I would normally work with others.

Describe your usual day.

A usual day for me would be driving to a customer’s site, carrying out routine maintenance tasks, carrying out repair work, carrying out project work, quoting for things that could be improved or that need to be fixed, and talking on the phone to other customers/fellow employees about other jobs and sending emails to customers, manufacturers and contractors.

Would you recommend this apprenticeship to someone, why?

Yes, because this field is very interesting and in the future, there will be a greater demand for instrumentation and controls as everything is becoming automated.

Words of wisdom to someone thinking about doing this trade. If you are thinking of doing this trade you need to have a strong interest in information technology, computers and electronics. If you don’t you may not enjoy your job as much.

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