Where are they now – Eden Paull

Why did you choose the Business Administration traineeship?

All my previous work experience was in hospitality. I was interested in entering into the corporate workforce but had limited office experience. After contacting 1300 apprentice and speaking to Meagan Thorpe she explained that a Traineeship would be ideal for me.

A traineeship enables you to get your foot in the door of the company you would like to work for.

When given the opportunity for a traineeship I looked over my goals and worked out if my traineeship would help me to meet my goals. They did and therefore I enrolled into my traineeship.

I chose to do a Business Administration traineeship in the hopes of

  • Gaining personal growth throughout a business
  • Contributing to achieving organizational goals
  • Gaining a qualification in Business
  • Gaining Full-Time employment
  • To be part of a team
  • Helping my community

The opportunity to work and study at the same time was appealing. I opted for the flexibility of employment-based training, which meant I could complete my studies at my workplace.

What was the most challenging aspect of your role, within your traineeship?

Constantly learning new things was the most rewarding yet challenging aspect of my role. Learning policies and procedures for the organisation and systems are constantly getting improved and upgraded, therefore to stay on top of the changes I would read the guidelines before I started a new process to reduce any risk of making a mistake. I learnt to ask questions and seek help from colleagues when I wasn’t sure of a process.

What was your best moment as a trainee?

My best moment whilst completing my traineeship was completing one of my units in the access database. The unit involved creating a database and linking information together. Even tho I use different types of databases every day creating one was completely different and a lot more challenging. I struggled with that particular unit. I asked for the help of my trainer and once I had completed it I was relieved and felt a sense of accomplishment.

Completing my traineeship I developed great relationships with all my colleagues and everyone celebrated with me when I was awarded my certificate. 

What do you see as the benefits of completing a Business Administration traineeship?

Business administration focusses on the core components of using basic computer programs i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, publisher, etc.

In any office environment, I can almost guarantee you would have to use at least one of the above programs if not all of them. When you are learning your units you are able to implement them into your job tasks.

Being able to learn something and then see it being used in your daily tasks you can instantly see the benefits and easier to complete your assessments.

I learnt skills to be independent and use initiative in given tasks. I have learnt how to prioritise my workload and I have improved my skills in time management. I am able to manage my work to meet deadlines and handle high workloads under pressure.

Shortly after completing my traineeship I gained full-time employment with my host employer State Training Services and hold a Nationally Recognised Qualification in Business Administration. 

Since completing your traineeship, what’s changed?

After completing my traineeship I have gained full-time employment with my host employer State Training Services. I have currently been a permanent employee for 1 whole year.

I participate in a mentoring program run by workplace learning every Friday. I mentor a high school student in a youth frontiers project.

In attendance with State Training Services, I participate in careers expo’s/markets and talk about my experience as a trainee and encourage others to undertake a Traineeship or apprenticeship to start their career pathway.

  • I was the winner of the 2014 NSW Illawarra and South East Regional Trainee of the year and Category Winner of Business administration. I was a 2014 State finalist for Trainee of the year.
  • I won the 1300 apprentice awards for the Trainee of the year and the category winner for Business administration.
  • I am Currently completing a Basic and advanced excel computer course.
  • I have gained more responsibility within my role at State Training Services and taken on higher duty tasks.
  • I was selected to be a part of the Smart and Skilled project team.

Describe your usual day.

After completing my traineeship my usual day consists of administration work i.e. processing paperwork, answering telephones and emails, attending staff meetings, reception duties, assisting training advisors, mentoring for an hour on Friday and within the months of April to June assisting in organising the Training Awards.

Would you recommend this type of traineeship to someone, why?

Definitely, undertaking a traineeship is invaluable and teaches you the foundations for your career. If you are interested to work and study at the same time a traineeship is perfect. You have the help from your colleagues, support from your trainer, and a better understanding of the job you are doing. Business administration helped me to understand and enhance my knowledge of different computer programs i.e. PowerPoint presentation, access database, excel spreadsheet, publisher and Microsoft word.

Undertaking this Traineeship I was able to understand all different office procedures. I referred to my units on many occasions when given tasks at work to complete.

Completing this type of traineeship you get lots of help from your trainer, employer and colleagues, as long as you are committed you will have no trouble completing your traineeship.

Words of wisdom to someone thinking about working in this industry?

If you are interested in business administration or working in an office environment, changing career pathways or re-entering the workforce a business administration Traineeship is the way to go.

Undertaking a business administration traineeship teaches you the fundamentals of basic business operations. Understanding the basics of the company you work for will only enhance your employability and enable you to grow and move forward in the company to achieve your goals.

Completing a traineeship creates a career pathway to later become the team leader, manager or owner of the business, another company or for your own business.

You receive support and guidance and at the end receive a nationally recognised qualification.

Excellent opportunity and I would not be where I am today without having completed my traineeship. 

Future plans and aspirations?

  1. My future plans would include a management position.
  2. I would like to buy my own house.
  3. Continue mentoring
  4. Undertake a diploma of leadership and management
  5. Complete a university degree in business/ business development.

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