Where are they now – Ellie Pritchard

Ellie Pritchard, Business trainee, ANZ Charlestown

The thing I have enjoyed the most during the course of my Traineeship is my workplace environment and support but also being able to learn so much in such a short amount of time and taking it into my day to day workplace and life. By being in such a welcoming environment I was able to engage and learn quickly but effectively which I have now been able to demonstrate over my year and I have found it as a great stepping stone into my future career and job.

The last 12 months I’ve learnt a lot of new skills that I previously didn’t have or weren’t as knowledgeable in. It’s been a really good self-growth opportunity for me as I’ve been able to take away skills such as better customer communication as I’m more confident in customer conversations and establishing their needs.

Also teamwork is a big area in my workplace as we all have to work together in order to achieve our results and good customer service. Being able to help other co-workers and have them help me in getting jobs done correctly is beneficial and a great skill to take on. I also believe I have been able to gain skills such as professionalism and strong work ethic which comes from me enjoying going to work and wanting to help others.

A traineeship is a very beneficial stepping stone for any career aspirations.

I believe traineeships are very valuable as not only do you get to walk away with a certificate in something you didn’t have beforehand but you also get to expand your knowledge in a workplace and learn so much in such a short amount of time to help you reach any future goals. It’s a very beneficial stepping stone for any future career aspirations and helps you to get an idea on how to get there.

After the completion of my Traineeship I’m lucky enough to be taking on a part-time role with my host employer, ANZ Bank. I’m looking forward to learning more in this workplace and growing and getting more accreditations within this role so I can develop further in the bank.

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